Sunday, June 17, 2007

What Did You Think?

I'd like to open up this blog for (gulp!) critique. Of me. I tried to strike a balance of writing about the book without giving too much away. How did I do with my postings about MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND? Was I boring? Did I post too often? Not often enough? Did I take to !@#$ing long to read the book? Were my posts comprehensible? How can I improve?

Did I do anything right? Did you enjoy my posts? Did you want to go out and read the book?

I love debut books, and I'm not often disappointed by a debut novel that I think I will enjoy. MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND was no exception.


Lisa Shearin said...

Tia, as I said before, I think review-as-you-read is such a cool idea. And rest assured, you didn't give anything away. In fact, you gave just enough info and tantalizing hints to make people want to run out and buy MLTF. [Insert shameless plug from the author here.] ; ) I'm looking forward to your upcoming reviews. I'm always on the lookout for new authors to read.

Thank you!

Kimber An said...

I haven't read past the first entry on Magic Lost, Trouble found because I'm in the middle of reading the novel myself! And my review goes up at Enduring Romance on Tuesday! I didn't want my impressions colored by yours.

I think my only suggestion is to mix it up with stuff besides just book reviews, like commentary on the roots of the Fantasy genre and author events like awards they win and conferences they attend. Be sure to include all of Fantasy's incarnations too! Science Fantasy, Romantic've probably read the definition of the Fantasy genre on Wikipedia. It's a mile long! Hey, maybe a commentary on all the Fantasy incarnations. I know a couple, but I couldn't tell High Fantasy from Low Fantasy from a hole in the ground.

Linnea Sinclair said...

I think you have a fun and interesting concept here, Tia. Of course, I'd already read MAGIC so I'm not sure how I would have viewed the "running commentary" if I hadn't. Though I suspect it would simply be like a good friend telling me about a book as s/he reads it. So that's fine by me.

Keep at it. I think you have something very fun here. ~Linnea -

Tia Nevitt said...

I called for critiques and I got praise. Thanks guys.

Kimber, those are great suggestions and I have already taken your advice. As for fantasy's other incarnations -- I may have a good idea on how to cover the areas that I don't read much of, like "dark" fantasy. More on that is coming soon.

I promised a final review of MLTF as a whole, but I am late in fulfilling my promise. I'll just use the tired old phrase, "life got in the way."

Laurie said...

Tia, not much of a critique from me either. As I anxiously await my package from Amazon with MLTF, it was fun to stop back and read your reviews to see what I have to look forward to. I found the pacing of your posts perfect, and each one made me punch my mailbox just a little harder (not really, I need that hand to type!)

Your review-as-you-go is a great idea and I'll look forward to tuning in often. (Maybe one day you'll be reviewing one of mine. ::: crosses fingers ::: )

Tia Nevitt said...

I hope too, Laurie! It would be a hoot to be able to review a book written by one of my blog buddies.

Have fun reading MLTF! I hope it arrives today.