Saturday, June 16, 2007

MLTF - Plots Within Plots

I gave myself a breather at chapter 17.

As Lisa promised, I definitely got to see more of the Guardian, Mychael. Raine seems to like him. They're even on a first-name basis, now. However, the goblin Tam moved in for a kiss -- maybe he sensed competition. Raine wasn't exactly fighting him off, either. And what a naughty kiss it was, "topped off with just a nibble of fang . . ."

Raine is still capable of a blush (as is the Guardian), which I found an unexpected treat.

Lisa seems to be using something that I see a lot in mystery, but not so much in fantasy -- two fascinating leading men, with the leading lady attracted to both. How to choose; how to choose?

Raine and her two men have just extracted some information from a particularly nasty goblin, and Raine has learned a bit more about her family history. Quite a bit more. I sense action ahead.

I will post more later today.

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