Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lisa Shearin Interview!

Lisa graciously took the time to answer a few questions about MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND.

Can you give us a teaser about Raine's next big adventure?
Let's see. . .by the end of page three of Armed & Magical, Raine's already got big problems -- an assassination attempt on the archmagus, an encounter with an enemy from her past, and an entirely too public display of her Saghred-enhanced powers. Later. . .Tam has not one, but two, deep dark secrets from his past that he'd rather keep buried. Piaras is now a Conclave college student studying spellsinging, and that voice of his attracts way too much of the wrong kind of attention. Mychael has his hands full with Raine, and with trying to keep her from falling prey to the darkest side of the Saghred. Let the fun continue!

What is your favorite scene in MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND?
Mychael and Raine in Mychael's bedroom is definitely a favorite. I also had a lot of fun writing the scene at the goblin king's masquerade ball.

What scene gave you the most trouble?
The final confrontation between Raine and Sarad Nukpana in The Ruins near the end of the book. That took a lot of time and rewrites to finally get it right.

Can you recall any particular sources of inspiration for this novel?
I read in a lot of genres: fantasy, detective, romantic comedy, mystery, romantic thrillers, political thrillers. I think that over the years they all just sort of melded into MLTF.

Have you finished any other novels besides MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND?
Oh yeah. I have two finished books. Small pieces and parts of them made it into MLTF.

If so, can we expect to see any of them in print or are they permanently trunked?
They're in the closet in my office and that's where they belong. ; ) I consider them my 'practice books.'

Your website mentions that you have a day job. When do you do most of your writing?
Lunchtime, break time, nights and weekends. I keep a notepad in my pocketbook, Jeep, and pretty much every room in the house.

Do you have a copy of your cover pinned to your office wall at work?
On the wall isn't necessary. ; ) I have a huge monitor -- the MLTF cover is my wallpaper. I'm going to have a poster-size print made and have framed for my office at home. Aleta Rafton is the artist and she did such an amazing job -- that cover deserves to be 24 x 36.

Is your boss worried that you might leave?
I've assured them that I love my job and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

Please share your publishing story and/or any writerly advice that you may have.
My first two manuscripts were rejected by every publisher in New York. I kept writing, and reading, and rewriting, and learning -- and most importantly, I refused to be discouraged or to give up. I wrote every day, regardless of if my 'muse' was visiting or not. Muses are fickle creatures; don't depend on them for inspiration. Believe in yourself and don't let anyone belittle your dream. I was blessed to have the complete support and understanding of my husband and family. Believe me, it helps. Writing is solitary; the only way you're going to get to where you want to be is through discipline and determination. I've been told that I was just too stubborn to give up. ; )

Read, write, rewrite -- and don't give up!


Kimber An said...

Great interview! It's always fun to learn the story behind the story. I like what Lisa said about her muse. I'm constantly fighting with mine. I call her the Old Hag. She's always escaping her metaphoric closet and trying to get me to write other stories while I'm trying to stay focused on just one so I can polish it for submission.

Laurie said...

Wonderful interview, Tia. Really enjoyed reading about Lisa's "life after publishing" thoughts and about her determination to get there. I've got a couple of 'practice novels' on my hard drive, too. ;)

I hope you do more of these interviews in the future.

Tia Nevitt said...

I have a couple novels under my belt as well . . . trying to finish the third . . .

I love the idea of naming your muse, but I've never managed to come up with a name for mine.

It was great of Lisa to do this interview. I do hope to do more of them in the future.

Lisa Shearin said...

Thanks all! It was my first interview ever. Hopefully there will be more. ; )

Thank you Tia and Kimber An for the great reviews and all the fun!

My own blog launch is going to be a little late because my web team's baby arrived a little early. (Congrats Todd & Elyse!)

Tia Nevitt said...

Wow! I am so pleased that I got to do your first interview!

Congratulations to your web team and may you find blogging as addictive as we have! (But not too addictive . . . because then you won't write.)