Friday, June 22, 2007

Guest Reviewers Wanted

If you would like to write an as-you-read-it review of a debut fantasy here at Fantasy Debut, please either leave a comment with your email address here or email me at tia dot nevitt at gmail dot com. You would have to obtain your own copy of the book. I am looking for guest reviewers for either of the following novels:

WICKED, LOVELY by Melissa Marr (hardcover, but not expensive)
MALEDICTE by Lane Robins (trade paperback)

KARMA GIRL is not available because I have already purchased my copy. :)

Please only volunteer if you are really hooked by either of these books. I think this blog can only support one guest reviewer at a time so whichever novel gets a volunteer first would be up next. I will send more details to any volunteers.


Robin L. said...

Hi Tia! Thanks for stopping over at my blog and commenting on P&P! :) I'm having lots of fun catching up on your blog. Fantasy is a reletively new genre to me!

Kimber An said...

Well, I'm as busy as all get out on my own blog or I would volunteer! I'm looking forward to what you review though.

Tia Nevitt said...

Robin, when you talk about my all-time favorite book, I can hardly resist!

Thanks for your support, Kimber! I know what you mean about being busy.