Friday, June 29, 2007

KARMA GIRL - Surprising Depth!

KARMA GIRL has some surprising depth to it, as is true with any comic book. What's that you say? You don't think comic books have depth? Pick up a few issues. You my be surprised. And you may just become a fan.

Anyway, this book deals with guilt, betrayal and -- believe it or not -- sin. This shouldn't be surprising, because it says right there on the cover, "What goes around, comes around. . . "

I really can't get too much into the plot at this point (2/3 of the way through) without giving stuff away. Mr. Sage's secret identity was a surprise, as was his relationship to another member of the Fearless Five. I'm not sure who most of the members of the Terrible Triad are, but I think I know who Malefica is.

Some amusing bits:

Explodium. Hilarious.
Striker should NOT have made Carmen go to that dinner in her jeans.
Carmen's T-shirt sayings. Really. Estep should offer these for sale on her website. I'd buy one.
Fiera's supermodel scheme.
Cooking southern-style fried chicken for a superhero.
Fiera has the best power. She can put away more food than Bubba at a hotdog eating contest, yet she maintains her superthin figure because she literally burns her fat away.

Still enjoying . . .

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