Monday, November 12, 2007

THE PENGUINS OF DOOM by Greg R. Fishbone

THE PENGUINS OF DOOM (From the Desk of Septina Nash) (USA, Canada) by Greg R. Fishbone is another comic middle-grade reader debut from the Class of 2K7. Here's the blurb, written by the main character:

Dear Reader, In order to make this book I had to escape from a mad scientist, adopt a trio of wild penguins, become an Olympic freestyle skateboarder, collect a whole bunch of empty yogurt containers, and find my missing tripletsister. In order to enjoy it, all you have to do is read every page. Thanks for doing your part! Sincerely, Septina Nash, Main Character

Here's another one:

Septina Nash is a 7th grade seventh child with purple hair and a knack for popping up in music videos. After her triplet-sister mysteriously disappears, Septina finds herself stalked by penguins, pursued by a mad scientist, and on the fast track to an Olympic medal in freestyle skateboarding. Along with her more reality-minded triplet-brother, Quinn, Septina hurdles from one adventure to the next: surviving for ten minutes in the world’s most dangerous truck stop, launching a polar expedition, and collecting an enormous amount of empty yogurt containers.

Is it any wonder why she can’t complete her math homework on time?

The author has lots of stuff online, including his 2K7 page, a LiveJournal blog, a Wikipedia entry and a MySpace. Oops, I'm sorry. It's Septina's MySpace. Greg's MySpace is here. Septina also has a website that doubles as a blog. Oh, he also has an Amapedia, which is a little corner of that I never knew existed. And we must not forget the book trailer!

I wonder how much time it takes keeping all these sites and blogs current? It's a good thing that he has Septina to help him out.

As far as reviews and interviews go, I found an interview at Debbi Michiko Florence's website, and a review at Wands and Worlds.


Greg R. Fishbone said...

Thanks, Tia.

There was also a great interview conducted by Eric Luper for the 2k7 blog and a summary of the Debut Author blog answers I did.

Tia said...

Thanks for the extra links and for stopping by! I'm glad you found this little corner of the Web.