Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazon's Kindle

I noticed that Amazon's Kindle has gotten 2 1/2 stars on its own review system. Personally, I balk at the 399 price tag. I mean -- wow. That's quite an investment. The thing sounds rather cool -- no more waiting for books to ship -- but I have other things that I'd much rather spend 399 on. We need a new lawn mower, for instance. 399 would buy about half of a fairly nice used lawn mower. And way, way before I get something like Kindle, I'd buy a new computer. But way, way before I buy a new computer, I'd buy a new sofa. You get the idea.


Mirtika said...

I say: skip it. Wait for a few years when the technology is cheaper and the uses more multi-functional.

I have a Sony Reader (my Xmas present from hubby), and the $300 price is less than Kindle, and it has its pleasures, but I spent HOURS today trying to figure out how to remove content from the reader. My hubby, a Software Engineer, couldn't figure it out, either, after half an hour. That alone is irksome enough that I wouldn't recommend it.

Having a small, compact way to carry 150 books around is great for an avid reader--especially since I can take my documents with me to proof etc. But, really, for the price, I'd say buy books. :D And wait. It will become something better and cheaper in time.


Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks for sharing! I wondered what you are supposed to do when you run out of memory. Delete books that you paid good money for? Or can you warehouse them at the Kindle mother ship?

In the end, I was not curious enough to try to discover the answer.

~Nancy said...

Yeah, that $400 price tag sent me for a loop.

Much cheaper to buy a good ol' printed book. :-)

Tia Nevitt said...

Excellent point. Undoubtedly the price will come down in time.

Anonymous said...

For the price of an e-book reader, I agree that it has to have multi-functions:
1. Double as an audio reader
2. Not only have a dictionary, but include author profile and suggested listings you can automatically download.
3. Web browser
4. Notepad with keyboard
5. Definitely a link to an archive site to store books incase of memory limits.
Hmmm. What would Apple release? iREAD perhaps?

Gregory said...

>>I wondered what you are supposed to do when you run out of memory.<<

I saw an interview with Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, and he said once you purchase a book, it'll always be available to re-download for free on the Kindle website.

Tia Nevitt said...

Get this guys: it is already SOLD OUT!

I guess a lot of people disagree with us!!