Saturday, November 10, 2007

Long Overdue Author Catch-Up

Over the past month, several 2007 debut authors have made some additional sales via their agents. Courtesy of the Swivet, here they are:

Jennifer Lee Carrell's follow-up to INTERRED WITH THEIR BONES has been sold to Dutton. Also, has declared her debut to be a top book of 2007. Her book has sold to 25 countries.

Christopher Barzak, the author of ONE FOR SORROW, has sold THE LOVE WE SHARE WITHOUT KNOWING to Bantam Dell.

Patrick Rothfuss, whose THE NAME OF THE WIND came out before this blog started, has made six-figure foreign rights sales to publishers in Spain and and Japan. That's two separate six-figure deals, and his novel has already sold in thirteen other territories!

Sarah Rees Brennan, whose novel, DEMON'S LEXICON has not even been published yet, is making foreign rights sales as well. So far her foreign rights have been sold to publishers in China, Germany, France, Russia, and Japan. Never mind that her original sale was a "major deal". This young lady is one to watch.

In other news on author's blogs, David Anthony Durham's ACACIA was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best books of the year in the speculative fiction category.

Similarly, Melissa Marr's WICKED, LOVELY is the number 2 choice of Amazon's Best Books of the Year in the Teen category. She also has her new cover on her blog. I'm no fan of tatoos, but I have to admit that the cover is, well, wicked. I am going to have to pick up WICKED, LOVELY soon, but I've been saying that for months!

Speaking of Amazon's lists, in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category, we have Brian Francis Slattery's SPACEMAN BLUES: A LOVE SONG coming in at number 5 and Patrick Rothfuss's THE NAME OF THE WIND at number 7. In the Debut Fiction list, Austin Grossman's SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE came in at number 9.

Back to the blogs. Jim Melvin's second book in THE DEATH WIZARD CHRONICLES came out on October 1 and is titled MOON GODDESS. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe his third book is out soon, since his books were being released every month. He also has done a radio interview, which is now online.

A whole squad of Juno authors have started a shared blog called, Fiction Beyond the Ordinary. Lisa Shearin has been blogging on her fourth Raine Beneres novel, THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS, and it is fascinating to watch. She's up against a deadline and you can read day by day as she struggles with plot threads, writer's block and characters doing unexpected things.

I've received a spurt of review copies in the last week, some of them as "surprises". (Honestly, I wonder what my mail carrier must think, since I suddenly now receive all this media mail.) One of them was for the sequel to REIFFEN'S CHOICE by S. C. Butler, which just came out in paperback last month, but released as a hardcover in September of 2006. The second book is called QUEEN FERRIS, and it came out in hardcover on October 30.

La Gringa of The Swivet also had Tor send me David Keck's two books, one another debut from last year called IN THE EYE OF HEAVEN. The second book is an advanced uncorrected proof, due out in Febuary and is called IN A TIME OF TREASON.

Finally, La Gringa (I know her secret identity!) also had Random House (WaterBook Press) send me AURALIA'S COLORS by Jeff Overstreet, which I am reading now.

Along with all these are review copies that I expected, which includes Lisa Nevin's INTO THIS MIND and Suzanne Selfor's TO CATCH A MERMAID. Plus, I'm expecting a friend's manuscript in the mail. And I'll have time to do my Christmas shopping . . . when?

But I've got to admit . . . I'm loving this. And this sort of post is my favorite to write. It took an hour and a half to research and write, but who's keeping track?


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Tia, I'm working on my review of Auralia now (for Front Street Reviews, of course!) and ... would you call this speculative or fantasy? Or doesn't it matter?

Tia said...

I'd probably call it both, because I think of fantasy as being under the speculative fiction umbrella, which would include SF, supernatural horror, superheroes, etc.

Raven said...

You could always give your friends and family debut novels for Christmas!

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Woman, how do you do it?! -C

Tia said...

Raven, there's nothing like spreading the love, huh?

And Carole, I read lots of blogs! Authors usually post their good news.

La Gringa said...

Glad you find me so helpful. And thanks for keeping my secret identity secret, although it may be the worst kept secret in the world. Ha ha ha!