Monday, December 29, 2008

Laura Benedict's Guest Post

It's well over a month since Laura Benedict posted here, and her post is still drawing all kinds of traffic. Someone weighed in over the weekend with a question about hiring a publicist, and Laura has replied at length. The conversation may continue, so be sure to follow it here.

Laura Benedict One Year Later

Next week, Laura's second book, Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts, comes out and I will be posting an enthusiastic review. It's supernatural horror--quite a departure from what I usually cover here--but oh it was . . . but I'll wait for the review to write all that. A friend of mine is reading her Isabella Moon and she has good things to say so far. I'm hoping to get the final scoop on what she thought of it over lunch today.

Laura has a fabulous new website out as well. She really pulled out all the stops on it. It's dark and eerie, just like her books. While you're at it, you may as well visit her blog, where she has lots of interesting guests.


daydream said...

I would like to see that one happening. I love horror and supernatural variety more than anything else. Literature is far more capable to deliver the genre than the movie industry. So looking forward to it.

PS: I have a small request. Is there perhaps any chance you add my review vlog Temple Library Reviews ( on your blog roll? I already added yours.

Tia Nevitt said...

Yikes, I'm getting comment spam! I don't want to turn on word verification, really I don't! But things are getting icky around here, so I might have to!

Daydream, I would be delighted to add you to my blogroll.

daydream said...

Tia, I love your icon. Very intelectual. I think I have to change mine soon. Thanks a lot for adding me. I have been reading you for quite awhile, but yeah poor organizing skills to start commenting properly. *grin*

Tia Nevitt said...

I was just going for a brown-haired girl with glasses, because that's roughly what I look like. Of course, I don't really look much like that.