Monday, January 21, 2008

A RUSH OF WINGS: Thoughts at Mid-Read

Raven has sent me two updates on her progress through A RUSH OF WINGS. Here is her first installment.

At 256 pages into A RUSH OF WINGS, I find the story has grown deeper and more complex, but the solution to the mystery remains just as far off.

I literally cannot put this book down. Heather is trying to find out exactly what all the bad guys want from Dante, but meanwhile Dante himself is struggling with the dark secrets of his past, and Adrian Phoenix does a great job of making the reader feel how wounded he is and how much he's hurting.

To make matters worse, Heather and Dante have each developed doubts about certain people they used to trust, so right now they're both operating without much backup. Of course, this puts them in even more danger as they try to stay alive and solve the mystery. Incidentally, the reader finds out some of what's going on before Heather and Dante do, because we're privy to what the other viewpoint characters are thinking and doing.

But the central mystery of who Dante really is and what his true identity means for him and for everyone remains, well, a mystery. I can't wait to see how Adrian Phoenix resolves it.

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Tia Nevitt said...

No, you're not crazy.

There really WAS a different post under this title earlier today. Due to a copy-and-paste mishap that's not worth getting into, I ended up posting the wrong installment of Raven's review.

Now, the correct installment is up. That's what I get for attempting to slam a post up early in the morning, before work.