Friday, August 3, 2007

Thinking About ACACIA

I put up what I thought was my final post about ACACIA by David Anthony Durham a week ago today. Now here I am posting about it again.

I like it when I find myself thinking about a book a week after I read it.

Anyway, I am rethining earlier conclusions about a certain character's supposed death. I don't have the book right here in front of me, as I am not at home, so forgive me if I get any details incorrect. However, a certain hero-villian was left to die at the hands of another certain slimy character. However, that slimy character is not exactly known for his dependability. He IS known for thinking of himself, first. So, now I'm wondering if the hero-villian is actually dead. Wouldn't he be a nasty surprise for a certain other character?

Sorry to be so cryptic. I'm sure those who read the book will know who I meant.

I've also found myself rethinking a certain fire. It should not have been possible to extinguish the fire. Water would not have worked and the only other possible retardant I can think of is sand, which would not have been available. I suppose heavy woollen blankets might have worked as well, but this was a HUGE fire. Therefore, those that DID extinguish the fire must have had help from somewhere -- or something. Hmmm?

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