Monday, January 1, 2007

Inform Me of a Debut

Please use this form to let me know about your debut, or the debut of your client. If the novel is going to be published by an SFWA qualifying market, then I want to showcase it. Please note: I only occasionally cover books for middle grades and children, and I don't generally cover books that aren't published in the United States.

I simply cannot cover anything that is not "traditionally published", or an SFWA Qualifying Market. I do realize that this is a gap, but at present, this is all I have time for. I will ignore any submissions for e-pubs, almost all small presses and self-published novels. I have a special program for self-published novels, and encourage you to take part. Read about it here.

If you don't know all the "required" information, please just indicate that in the text field.

Debut Calendar

If you have a mainstream debut schedule for release, please tell me about it here.