Wednesday, August 8, 2007

THE HIDDEN WORLDS - The Secret of Two Families

By the time Linnea's family secret is revealed, both Linnea and Iain have been put through so much hell that one wonders if they will mentally survive it. They are both entirely too trusting of their enemies, but their innocence will soon be shattered.
The secret is a lie that is so ancient that most people believe it as the truth. It asks the question, when is a lie a lie? If the teller believes it is the truth, then is he still lying? The lie didn't seem terribly shattering to me at first until I thought about the contentious United States political environment. Then I realized that any lie discovered of a powerful and hated political entity would be terribly damaging. Especially if it is a lie upon which they base their power.
The lie revealed begins a string of sacrifices to keep the lie alive. More lies are told. Bargains are struck only to be betrayed. Linnea gets what she wanted, but with a terrible price for Iain. It's almost painful to read.
And in the meantime, the Cold Minds are set to devour one of the Hidden Worlds, and the Pilot Masters are about to commit the biggest betrayal of all.

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