Thursday, August 30, 2007

Princes of the Golden Cage - Halfway Point

I read halfway through PRINCES OF THE GOLDEN CAGE tonight. Things sure took an interesting twist.

For quite a while, it almost seemed like Prince Amir had become a sort of narrator for his brother Erik's activities. But with the advent of a certain princess, all that changed and now Amir is once again front-and-center.

I'm impressed with the way Mallet keeps control over Amir's voice. This novel is written first-person, and I've yet to encounter a modern colloquialism (that I recall anyway). There's just enough exoticness in the voice to make it really seem like some sort of foreign prince is telling you a story. She has really immersed herself into the part. And except for Amir having a bit too much self-control for a young, hormone filled man (he manages to avoid the harem, which is at his disposal, but which also is extremely dangerous to visit), I find her rendering of a male voice convincing. I'm not a man, of course, so I can't say for certain. :)

Amir has reached an unexpected (and probably temporary) accord with a previously hostile prince-brother. I'm hoping it lasts. I also sense an aura of tragedy around Erik. For some reason, he seems doomed to die. Maybe he's just too nice and aren't the nice allies the first ones to die? We will have to see.


Katie said...

Sounds like it's a pretty good read.

Tia Nevitt said...

It has a very unpredictable plot!