Sunday, August 26, 2007

Linking on Sunday

Recently, my fellow bloggers were kind enough give various mentions and shout-outs for Fantasy Debut on their weblogs, specifically:

Lisa Shearin (and here)
A Dribble of Ink
Pieces on Speculative Fiction
Nathalie Mallet
Fantasy Book Critic
The Swivet
The Soulless Machine Review

Thanks, everyone! In return, I'd like to draw your attention to some blogs that you may be unaware of.

The Toasted Scimitar is run by four very funny women who not only review books, but have a featured "subject" every week where they rant on various fantasy stereotypes. This week's topic? Villain Abodes.

Over at Enduring Romance, these two women blog about their favorite authors as well as nonfiction. Don't let the name fool you; they blog on lots of fantasy and science fiction as well. Every once in a while, they host a Cyber-Launch Book Party, and they are aways zany fun.

I believe I've mentioned Scooper before, but she's worth another mention. At her blog, Scooper Speaks, she blogs on all kinds of books, pulling no punches when she dislikes the book, and lavish with her praise when she loves it.

Milady Insanity is a very smart student who has a tremendously popular blog. She host short "6 Questions for . . ." interviews and blogs on many subjects in addition to books.

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog probably needs no introduction from me. She blogs a lot on TV and movies, but now has acquired some ARCs and plans to start reviewing fantasy as well.

Worth another mention is The Swivet, a blog run by a publishing insider known as La Gringa. Lots of big-name publishing insiders also read her blog. If you comment on La Gringa's blog, you never know who who might read it. It's a rather exciting place.

Well, what do you know? For some reason this turned out to be a web-wanderer on female bloggers. I know of several others, but they are still rather new to me and I don't think I'll be able to summarize them properly. Therefore, I will save them for next time.

UPDATE: Oops, I forgot 100 Bloggers, where one of the hundred put up a very nice post about Fantasy Debut!


Aaron Wilson said...

Thank you for the Shout out! I will look through the blogs you called out. They look exciting!

SQT said...

Thanks for the mention. It's always great to find new friends-- I love checking out the links on other blogs.

Tia Nevitt said...

You are both welcome! Hopefully, some new people will check out your blogs.

Kimber Li said...

Great list, Tia! I already visited one. Yeah, those ladies at Toasted Scimitar are nuts. (I mean that in a good way;)

Robert said...

Thanks for reminding me about The Swivet. La Gringa has a great thing going over there and I need to add her blog on the website :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tia. I've been wanting to find different blogs and there are a few on your list that I've yet to visit.