Sunday, July 22, 2007

Debut Round-Up - 7/22/07

This week, Locus put out feeds for week 2 and 3, even though week 3 is not yet available via a link on their website. Never one to miss an opportunity, I have gleaned one debut from each week (other than the ones that I've already covered).

The Hidden Worlds by Kristin Landon came out on June 26th, published by Ace. It is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel where humanity hides on hidden worlds from ruthless machine intelligences -- except now the machine intelligences have discovered these hidden worlds. Her site has links to a number of reviews. This novel was blurbed by Linnea Sinclair, who also blurbed Lisa Shearin's Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Since I liked that, Linnea's blurb makes this book tempting. I found reviews at The Best Reviews, Harriet Klausner and Deborah Hern's blog.

The Haunting of Cambria by Richard Taylor also came out on the 26, published by Tor Books. It is a haunted love story, about a recent widower who investigates the haunting of his new home. His website has a sample chapter along with reviews and events. I found reviews at Armchair Interviews, Huntress Book Reviews and another one at Harriet Klausner.

Although I've noted Austin Grossman's Soon I Will Be Invincible, I have yet to include a Debut Round-Up entry on it. So here it is. But first, an aside.

I was doing my usual geek thing, which is Googling the book title and then loading a bunch of browser tabs with the most pertinent results. Well, I loaded the book's website and quickly moved on, opening about 3 or4 tabs without looking at them. Then, I heard a bunch of thunder, lightening and electronic arcing sounds. I hurried over to the novel's website and sure enough, it looks like Grossman pulled out all the stops, just like Jennifer Estep did with Karma Girl. There's even a button for the Department of Metahuman Affairs that you can easily miss if you only skim the page. But if you miss it, then you miss out on the chance of getting something like this:

check the Metahuman Activity Map

Tia Nevitt

And who would want to miss that? This site is chock full of stuff, a fun time-eater.

Anyway, as I've noted in my Debut Bestseller Round-Ups, Grossman's novel has been on the Amazon Fantasy top seller list. Trashotron has reviewed it along with Newsday, and In Which Our Hero, and a lot of other people.


Merc said...

Ooh, I want to see your review of "Soon I Will Be Invincible". :D

I just got a copy today and have started reading and love it so far. ;)

Hope your toe gets better, Tia.


Tia Nevitt said...

I hope you put up a review of it! What am I saying? Of course you'll put up a review of it!