Saturday, July 14, 2007

ACACIA Review - A Dark Secret

Ok, so maybe the assassin isn't such a sympathetic character after all. But in a way, he still is even though he murders and maims people without a second thought. I have not yet reached the point of the assassination in the book, but I sense that I am close. (I don't think I'm giving anything away here since the blurb makes it plain that someone is assassinated.)

If you've read the book (or wrote it) and are thinking "Oh, come on! You haven't reached the assassination, yet?" I'd have to say yeah, you're right. It's turned out to be a bad week for book reading and the weekend probably won't be much better. But hey! I get to feature David's book for two weeks instead of one! (Always look at the bright side, I say.)

The kingdom of Acacia has a dark secret to its longstanding chokehold on the rest of the Known World. However, everyone seems to know the dark secret except the king's four children. I expect that the prince and heir will be finding out soon. He has lived a sheltered existence up until now, so the revelation should be pretty shattering. The secret, which is a bargain of sorts, is chilling. The other partner in the bargain now seem to be working with the Mein, which makes me wonder if they'll make the Mein strike the same bargain if the Mein are successful in taking over the kingdom.

Few elements of a fantasy nature have popped up so far, except for a brief mention of the a sect of sorcerers early on. However, I wonder if the mist drug might have some magical qualities.


John Dent said...

Magical Qualities hmmm? :)

Tia Nevitt said...

Go ahead! Tease away! I'm laid up with a bad foot today, so I may actually get some reading in tonight.

I admit that I let my imagination run away with me when I read. A physiological addiction would be bad enough, but add a magical compulsion to it, and that would make it all the worse.