Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Your Input Sought - Epic Fantasy Week

I'm putting together a weeklong event* here at Fantasy Debut in honor of my favorite fantasy subgenre--Epic Fantasy. I'd love to have your input. As part of Epic Fantasy Week, I'd like to invite some epic fantasy authors to do interviews. I was thinking about two authors, a debut author and a well-established author. The below lists are based on novelists whose work I have followed (and still follow) over the years. Who would you be interested in? (This is assuming they agree to be interviewed, or that I can reach them.)

  • Tad Williams
  • J. V. Jones
  • Tracy Hickman
  • Elizabeth Moon
And here are my possibilities for debut authors. I limited it to authors whose books I've read.
  • David Anthony Durham (Acacia)
  • Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind)
  • Ken Scholes (Lamentation)
  • Peter Brett (The Warded Man)
You're welcome to suggest authors who I may not have thought of, but in the end, I'll pick someone of whose work I'm a genuine fan.

Here are some possible epic fantasy subjects for me to write about to fill the rest of the week. Please pick two or three. The list is by no means limited to what's here, so if you think of something else, let me know!
  • I Still Love Elves (actually, I've already started this one)
  • Dwarves, Ogres and Orcs
  • Why All-Powerful Characters Lose Me
  • Epic Journeys
  • Historic Epics and Alternate History
  • Magic Systems
  • Gods and Religions
  • "Science Fantasy"
I'm also planning to approach publishers for epic fantasy prize packs! I'm hoping the prize packs can be truly epic in scope. (Bad pun? Sorry.)

Anything else you'd like me to cover as I celebrate my favorite subgenre?

*With apologizes to Heather of The Galaxy Express.


Aidan Moher said...

Tad Williams, Peter V. Brett and Ken Scholes would be great (though, frankly, you can't go wrong with any of those authors).

My picks for the subjects would be:

Gods and Religions

I Still Love Elves

Are you thinking of having guest bloggers, as well?


Tia Nevitt said...

I was certainly going to ask Mulluane if she wanted to participate, but I'd be open to other guest bloggers as well. Are you volunteering? I'd be delighted to have you!

David said...

J. V. Jones.
Patrick Rothfuss.

Historic Epics and Alternate History.
Science Fantasy.
Magic Systems.

Tia Nevitt said...

I got a vote by email for Jim Hines. I really need to read his book!

T.D. Newton said...

J.V. Jones would be a good one, as I love the culture in her "sword" books.

Peter V. Brett, for sure. The Warded Man is actually the best book I've read lately. Really want to know when we'll see more.

Any/all of your post subjects sound good.

A. Grey said...

Tracy Hickman and Tad Williams for sure. Dragonlance was the catalyst that began my own 'epic' journey into the world of writing.

Epic Journeys
Magic Systems
Why all-powerful characters loose me.
That last is a point of vexation for me because I flat do not buy into characters who have no weakness whatsoever, and yet, they keep showing up it seems, and other people seem to love them. Grrrr.

Tia Nevitt said...

Grey - I, too, was influenced by Dragonlance along with T. H. White.

Hickman did it right when it came to all-powerful characters. He made Raistlin the villain. Kind of.

But I'll save it for my post!

Dark Wolf said...

Very nice set of posts, Tia. I am looking forward to them.
I think all the authors are great and I am certain that you'll do a great job. Personally I would like to see interviews with J.V. Jones, Patrick Rothfuss and Peter Brett.
As for the subjects:
I Still Love Elves (I really do and especially a ceratin dark one ;) )
Gods and Religions
And guest bloggers is a wonderful idea (like a start for a theme bloggers convention :D).
The very best of luck, Tia :D

jaymr said...

Tad Williams and Peter V Brett (Y)

For the blog posts, I'd be interested in reading your thoughts on:

Why All-Powerful Characters Lose Me
Magic Systems
Gods and Religions


A. Grey said...

Funny you should mention Raistlin. He is, without question, the character I love most in all the writings that I've ever read. The one I love most outside my own characters. And one reason I'm so drawn to him? He doesn't fold up and 'change his ways' or 'see the light' he is uncompromising and unrepentant. And yet, he's loved.

L.C. Gant said...

I'd really like to hear some of these authors comment of what I call "the future of epic fantasy." I've heard a lot of publishing experts say it isn't selling well. If that's true, I'd love to hear what authors themselves have to say about it. Do they see the trend changing anytime soon? What would it take to make it change? Just curious.

Jennifer Estep said...

I would suggest David Eddings (the Elenium and other series) and Terry Brooks (Shannara). I devoured their books one summer and still have them on my keeper shelf.

Hines' books are pretty cool. I would say he's more funny fantasy than epic, though. Sort of like John Moore's work, but not as tongue in cheek.

How about something about women in epic fantasy? Just a thought ...

Tia Nevitt said...

L. C. I intended that to be one of my interview questions.

Jennifer--it's been years since I've read either one of them, but I'll add them to my list of possibilities.

And women in fantasy--a great subject!

ediFanoB said...

I read all comments so far and was I bit surprised which authors haven't been mentioned so far. I think we all could add a lot of authors but I would like to concentrate on your proposals.
So Tad Williams, Ken Scholes and Peter V. Brett would be fine.

All topics are great but like Jennifer Estep I would like to add women in epic fantasy.

Rabia said...

# Historic Epics and Alternate History
# Gods and Religions
# "Science Fantasy"


Ant Lee said...

I think that Tad Williams and Peter V. Brett would be awesome as I'm a big fan of both of their works.

As for the subjects?

Historic Epics and Alternate History
Magic Systems
Gods and Religions
"Science Fantasy"

I'm hop[ing it's just a coincidence taht all the ones I found inetresting were at the bottom :P

Ant Lee said...

That was a typo heaven there! :O

last paragraph should have read:

I'm hoping it's just a coincidence that all the ones I found interesting were at the bottom :P

Mervi said...

Topics I'd like to read about:

Alternate History
Magic systems
Science fantasy

It seems to me that Rothfuss has been interviewed a lot, so perhaps it would be interesting to focus on someone else?

Heather Massey said...

Lol, Tia! No need to apologize! Sounds like a most excellent event.