Friday, August 29, 2008

Upcoming Goodies!

Labor day weekend is kind of a slow blogging weekend for Americans, because it's traditionally the last big bash of the summer. However, do try to stop by sometime between Sunday the 31st and Tuesday the 2nd. Jennifer Estep, author of Karma Girl, Hot Mama and Jinx has provided me with a guest post that I will put up on Sunday night. Plus, she has promised to check in to answer any comments or questions you may have.

Plus plus, Jennifer is sponsoring a rare contest here at Fantasy Debut. How do you enter? Stop back by on Sunday night, when I will give you all the details.

(Please, do not attempt to enter the contest today.)

And then, later next week I'm going to be starting something entirely new that I hope you will like.

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Mulluane said...

I'm too old for this kind of suspense!