Thursday, August 28, 2008

David Anthony Durham's ACACIA Now Out in Paperback

Of the medieval epic fantasies that I read last year, I'd have to say that ACACIA was my favorite. Ok, so I only read two medieval epic fantasies last year. That doesn't take away from its excellence. If you missed ACACIA last year, now's a good time to pick it up, because it is now out in paperback.

Here's all the info:

ACACIA (Amazon UK, Canada)
by David Anthony Durham (website, blog, forum)
mass market paperback
Random House (Anchor)

Born into generations of prosperity, the four royal children of the Akaran dynasty know little of the world outside their opulent island paradise. But when an assassin strikes at the heart of their power, their lives are changed forever.

Forced to flee to distant corners and separated against their will, the children must navigate a web of hidden allegiances, ancient magic, foreign invaders, and illicit trade that will challenge their very notion of who they are. As they come to understand their true purpose in life, the fate of the world lies in their hands.

Here are my own posts on ACACIA:

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Wow; I did seven posts on ACACIA. Today, I mostly do only 3 parts to an as-I-read-it review. This inspired a poll. I'm going to put it up on the sidebar, so if you feed readers want to participate, please click through.

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