Thursday, August 7, 2008

News and Events

David Anthony Durham recently announced something potentially big. He has sold the movie rights for Acacia. He mentioned it on his blog here and here. I think Acacia would make a terrific movie--such a sweeping epic and his scenes are so visual that I can't wait to see how they are portrayed on screen. The League Platforms? The battle scenes? I just hope they don't go too CGI-crazy. Congratulations, David!

Kimber An is giving one of her famous Cyber-Launch Book Parties for one of my early blog supporters, Linnea Sinclair over at Enduring Romance. Linnea's latest novel is Shades of Dark and the book party starts today. I'll update this post with a link directly to it when I see that the link has gone live.

UPDATE: Here's the link!

Over at Grasping for the Wind, John started a new feature called Ask the Bloggers where he asks questions of various SF/F bloggers. The first installment features Shaun, Scooper and SQT. Check it out--there's even a contest. I'll be taking part in future installments.

Thanks for all your well-wishes while I was sick. I am now on the mend.

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Raven said...

Glad you're feeling better!