Friday, August 1, 2008

Too Sick to Blog

I've been struck with the worst flu I've had in about four years, and I'm spending a little above zero time online. It looks like I'll miss another day of work today, too.

Until I get back to regular blogging, I have a question for you. In the comment thread of the post that follows this one, someone left a comment that reads in part:

I'm Jules and I work at, a company interested in blog advertizing. I found your blog engaging and I'm contacting you to ask if you are interested in blog post sponsorship.

I'm not against ads in general, but I've been to sites where the ads have been thoroughly objectionable, and it's tainted my view of the entire site. I am thinking of one site in particular that I stopped visiting entirely because they introduced ads that were so awful (half naked men and women, ads for "smilies" that are probably nothing more than spyware).

What do you think about ads on blogs? Yes? No?


Maria Zannini said...

Oh, Tia. I'm so sorry you're sick. Don't push yourself, okay?

A few months ago I thought I had a cold and I kept going to work. Turned out to be acute bronchitis. Not only did I miss a week of work afte that, it took me a solid month to recover.

So rest. Please. And see a doc if you don't see improvement.

Ref: ads
I have never visited an ad site even when they had cute scruffy dogs. I think you're right. Spyware.

Google ads might be okay, but I'd be leery of a company I didn't know.

Jeff C said...

Hey tia...hope you feel better! I've been battling a cold myself for 2 weeks, but luckily it never got bad enough to miss time from work.

As for Ads..I'm kinda mixed on them. Since my company (weather channel interactive, i.e. makes money by showing ads, I should be in favor of them in general :) However, for personal blogs, not as much. I wouldnt stop visiting a site that had them unless they were obnoxious. but, i think the traffic most of us get would not earn enough to make the effort worth it.

I did a google search on bestrank and came across a blogpost about them. The guy said they were legit (assuming he doesnt secretly work for them), but it sounded like he also had to review a couple of products from their clients on his blog. That would be a deal breaker for me.

Tia Nevitt said...

I'm leery of even taking review copies, so I'm not seriously entertaining this possibility at Fantasy Debut. To monetize a blog would be nice, but I think it would have to be some other blog, one that I have not thought of yet. As you stated, niche blogs like this one probably wouldn't attract enough clicks to make it worthwhile.

Besides, my blog design is so clean and clutter-free!

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Hi Tia:

Get well soon.

I didn't like the guy leaving an ad for you on your blog actually. I suspect fantasydebut came up in his daily google search for some reason. I don't feel he specifically chose you. You were just a result of good fishing. I don't mind ads on blogs but this one ain't it. 0C

Laura said...

I'm so sorry to know you're sick, Tia. Get lots of rest!

I'm way too unambitious to even think about putting ads on my blog. I blog because I enjoy it, want people to know about my work and writing life and--I think this is really important--get to know many of the cool people I've met on the web. Like you!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks for the reality check, Carole. I'd rather keep control over my blog anyway. It would probably be too much stress for me to have to maintain some sort of traffic quota.

And thank you, Laura! I really appreciate both you and Carole stopping by so often.

Raven said...

Feel better, Tia!

I had the same feeling as Carole: that guy was just spamming you in the hopes that you would respond. He wasn't specifically targeting your blog. If he had been, he would have said something relating to Fantasy Debut. But everything he said was general and could have applied to any blog.

I'm not a fan of ads anyway (sorry, Jeff). And I pretty much never click them.

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Tia...Hope you're feeling better soon!

I'm not a fan of ads myself. Your blog design being clean and clutter-free adds to making it an enjoyable place to visit. :)

Kimber An said...

I'm just getting over my really-bad-cold, so I feel so much empathy for you! Get well soon, Blog Bud.

The comment you received sounds like a scam to me. But, then, I'm hyper-paranoid about them.

I don't like ads on websites or blogs, unless they have to do with what the blog is about. I definitely don't want someone else deciding what ads to put on my blog either. I signed up as an Amazon associate and only use their ads for books I've reviewed and the Kindle, for example. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay much either. I get a few cents a year and some really cool widgets.

Janet said...

Get well soon, Tia.

Maria said...

Hi Tia--

Blog for a while and they'll start sending you stuff like that at your contact information address.

I don't mind an add or two somewhere on a blog. As someone else said a google ad isn't a terrible thing. I don't know that they generate much income--another person that recently started with ads said that her research indicated that they start you out "high" and then income trickles off based on their obscure formulas.

You could link to Amazon and other booksellers and see if you get any click-through buying. That's what FBS does!

feel better soon,

Lisa Shearin said...

Feel better soon, Tia! Lots of rest and hot tea. ; )

Kelly Gay said...

Tia! I hope you feel better soon! Summer flus always seem worse for some reason than winter ones -- at least for me they do. Here's hoping it's short-lived.

As for ads -- not into them, personally, but I'm not bothered by reading other blogs with ads.

Tia Nevitt said...

Thank you everyone.

I thought after having some relative improvement on Sunday that I'd be able to go back to work today, but I suffered a relapse. It's off to the doctor for me tomorrow. I have not been as sick as this in years.

Chris, The Book Swede said...

As I got rid of my illness, I must have channelled it across the Atlantic :O

Seriously, hope you're better soon :)

As for ads -- well, I have three. They're far enough down the page that (I don't think) they bother anybody, and they're quite small.

I'm with Google. I'm not sure why I actually do it, since I make a few cents a week! I'm not bothered, either -- that's not why I started the blog. The ads were a passing fancy, and since I have them, I can't be bothered to get rid of them!

Amazon Associates is more worthwhile, and less intrusive. I made my first £10 yesterday. Again, I wouldn't mind if I hadn't, but that little bit (earned by people purchasing 121 products through me) is quite nice.

I find Pat's site a bit repellent now, though. I only read it in feeds now. Too many adverts at the top.

The Book Swede

Heather said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Mervi said...

I hope you get well soon!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks, again.

It turns out that I have a sinus infection, and I'm on antibiotics. I've also gone back to work. I may post something tonight.