Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fangirl Moment

We interrupt this blog for a fangirl moment:

Ann Aguirre is following my Twitter feed! SQUEEEEEE!

Here's her feed.

Several other recently-debuted (is that a word?) authors are following my feed, including

Mark Henry
Jaye Wells
Cam Banks
S. J. Day
Amanda Ashby
Carole McDonnell

Plus uber-cool comic-strip artist Paul Abbamondi and lots of other cool people. My apologizes if I didn't recognize anyone's screen name.

(Is this bragging? Sorry if it is. But it's also giving some debut authors some extra exposure, so I refuse to feel bad about it.)

I really need to get better about putting up an occasional tweet. I meant to use it as a way to post book progress reports, but it always slips my mind. I have rectified the situation as I wrote this. Maybe I'll put that feed thingy back on my sidebar but the last time I tried that, it slowed my blog load time way down. I hate that.

Speaking of Ann Aguirre, she's stopping by here on the Blue Diablo Book Blog Tour. She'll be here on the 16th, and she's giving away a book. And ooh! She has a newsletter! Here's the April issue.

Up tomorrow (or so): Book Swag!!


Lisa said...

You've worked VERY hard to build Fantasy Debut. You've given quite a lot of yourself and it IS something to be proud of! You're merely sharing the good news with us!
NOW, I need some agent/publisher to see what a gem you are and to give you a multi book deal for Starcaster and Forging a Legend!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thank you, Lisa! It's so nice to have someone so supportive of my novels--it makes me think it's just a matter of time!

Neil Richard said...

Congratulations! And curse the lot of you that has me addicted to Twitter now. Curse you I say. Now excuse me while I go tweet something.

Ann Aguirre said...

Man, I love Twitter. It´s like a giant chatroom, only nobody is asking me a-s-l.

Tia Nevitt said...

I don't know what a-s-l means. Can anyone enlighten me?

Neil Richard said...

@Tia - ASL (or a/s/l or a-s-l) is Age, Sex, and Location. Fairly common abbreviation from "back in the day" (at least that's when I remember using it - on those old message boards from the late 90s).