Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Swag!

I have received a LOT of books lately, both requested and as surprises in the mail. These are all debuts unless otherwise indicated. Thank you so much to all the publishers who took the time to send me such well-targeted books.


The Red Wolf Conspiracy
by Robert V. S. Redick
Release Date: April 28th

This arrived in my mail this week, much to my surprise since I announced it last year. Sure enough, my announcement was for a GP release through Gollancz. The book is absolutely stunning, with all kinds of touches with the typeface usually reserved for Middle Grade Reader novels. This book is a true treat, all the more so since it was unexpected, and I can't wait to read it have already started reading it.

Sins & Shadows
by Lyn Benedict
Release date: April 28th

This is an urban fantasy involving a P.I. that specializes in the "unusual", the "dark forces of the Magicus Mundi" and the God of Justice. Raven has agreed to review this one.

The Hourglass Door
By Lisa Mangum
Release date: May 13th

This looks like an interesting YA paranormal romance involving a mysterious European guy and a typical American girl. It's part mystery, part fantasy, and almost certainly involves time travel. I read the prelude and it's a very strong opening.

Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom
by Tim Byrd
Release date: May 14th

This book is very unusually packaged--and appears perfect for the average ten-year-old boy. It's got all kinds of crazy fonts, a comic-book cover, and a giant frog that looks like it's going to attack them all. I'm not a ten-year-old boy (obviously), but it still looks like fun. Since it has a large typeface and is very slender, I imagine it will be a quick read.

Zadayi Red
by Caleb Fox
Release date: July 7th

I have a lot of time to read this one, but I may not be able to wait. It's a Native-American inspired fantasy, a retelling of a Cherokee legend. I love novels that delve into worlds that are completely unfamiliar to me. I took a look at the cover on Amazon; it looks gorgeous.

What Happened to the Indians
by Terence Shannon
Currently available

This is a Discovery Showcase self-published novel that I decided to review for Self-Publishing Review. I'll put up a post pointing to my review when I have it written.


What is a semi-debut? In my own private lexicon, it is a debut where the author has had a lot of success either overseas or in another genre.

(At this point, I got burned out on including Amazon links. I'll be doing all that again for my end-of-the-month round-up, so why duplicate my efforts?)

The Stranger
by Max Frei
Currently available

I've started this book a few times, and it's just going to be one of those that will take me a while to read. Robert over at Fantasy Book Critic said it was worth the effort, so I'm still plugging away at it.

This series is very popular in Russia, where it originated. The "author" is actually the narrator of the novel.

A Madness of Angels
by Kate Griffin
Currently available

Raven is going to review this one as well. The author is very young, and is also known as Catherine Webb, an award-winning author of children's novels. She was first published when she was fourteen.

The Lace Reader
by Brunonia Barry
Currently Available

This novel, of course, was a New York Times bestselling debut in 2006, but it's only now being released in Great Britain. And an anonymous employee of HarperCollins London wrote out an address label -- by hand!--and sent it all the way from England.

It looks like a very good read.

Debut Graduates

The Valley of Shadows
by Brian Cullen
Currently Available

This rather gorgeous book is the second in a series after Seekers of the Chalice. I tried and failed to get into it last year, and I intend to give it another chance this year.

The author still doesn't appear to have a website. Grr.

The Trouble with Demons
by Lisa Shearin
Release date: April 28th

This is the third in the Raine Beneres series, requested of the publisher by yours truly. I've already finished reading it, and I intend to post my review Thursday, followed by a short interview with Lisa Shearin the Thursday afterward.

Blue Diablo
by Ann Aguirre
Release date: April 28th

I've been mentioning this a lot lately--can you tell I'm looking forward to reading it? A lot of books are releasing on the 28th, and I want to read all of them! So I'll have to do a bit of jugging--expect a lot of reviews that week, or close to it. And expect this to be one of them.

Used Bookstore Treasures

Even though I get books in the mail, I still pine for certain books. And when I see them on the shelves, I grab them. Here's my latest finds.

by Brian Ruckley

This is one of those debuts that I missed out on last year, so when I saw it in the used bookstore, I lunged for it. I'll probably read it in between other books until it sucks me in to the exclusion of all else. Judging by all the great reviews it received, I fully expect this to happen.

Clockwork Heart
by Dru Pagiassotti

Raven reviewed this for me last year, but I only sent it to her under duress. I was like the little old lady who lived in a shoe; I had so many books I didn't know what to do. Kind of like now. I can't promise a review soon, but it will be one day.

These are YA literary novels, which are a bit outside my genre. I can only assume the publisher sent them to me by mistake. Still, I thought I'd give them a bit of publicity; maybe some of you will like them.

The Miles Between
by Mary E. Pearson
Release date: September, 2009

Boy, this one came really far in advance of the release date. It's not a debut; the author has four award-winning novels under her belt. It's a road trip novel, which shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the cover.

Also Known as Harper
by Haywood Leal
Release date: May, 2009

This is a gritty-sounding novel about a broken family that is on the verge of homelessness. The young protagonist dreams of winning a poetry contest at school. But of course, she's got all these problems at home to contend with as well.

Do any of these look interesting to you?


Tez Miller said...

Lass, you've got to get your mitts on Mary E. Pearson's The Adoration of Jenna Fox! It's futuristic, and absolutely fabulous; I recommend it whenever an opportunity arises ;-)

And yes I want Blue Diablo, but I don't have it, thus I'm jealous ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Henry Baum said...

Looking forward to the Indians review!

Tia Nevitt said...

Ok, Tez; I'll take a closer look at the Pearson book. Blue Diablo is out on the 28th! And it's a mass market paperback!

Henry, I've already started it, and it's not bad so far. I was going to ask you about it, but I guess it's ok with you.

Jo said...

Awesome load of books! Lucky!

By the way, you have an award on my blog:

Pissenlit said...

AHHH! The Trouble With Demons! I am SO jealous!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thank you, Jo! And Lit, I'm going to be putting up a review of TTWD on Thursday!

Rabid Fox said...

"The Hourglass Door" and "A Madness of Angels" both caught my eye in that list. The cover alone has me curious about "Madness of Angels".