Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Year Later - Adrian Phoenix - Plus Contest!

Adrian Phoenix is the author of A Rush of Wings and In the Blood. This year has been very active for her, and as you will read below, quite exciting! Adrian has a few things to give away for the readers of Fantasy Debut; the details are after her post.



January 8, 2008, my debut novel, A Rush of Wings, hit the bookshelves at book stores and online retailers. The moment was exciting, seemed unreal, but somehow so right all at the same time. That evening, I went out to dinner with friends and family to celebrate the book’s release. I was giddy and proud and happy.

Then Entertainment Weekly reviewed the book (I was stunned, then terrified. Smelling salts might’ve been handy. LOL.) and they gave it a B+ and a wonderful review.

Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times, Fantasy Debut, authors like Jenna Black, Marjorie Liu, Jeaniene Frost, Barb Hendee, and Jeri Smith-Ready all enjoyed Rush. With each new review I felt lit up inside, warm. It all seemed incredible. (Still does!) But best of all were the people I’ve met who’ve loved and promoted Rush – people like Tia and Raven – including my readers. They’ve moved me more than I can say by their devotion and enthusiasm in spreading the word. I owe so much to each one!

A few weeks later, I had my first signing and, even though I was so nervous my hands were shaking while I signed books, the time blurred past. It was scary and amazing and something I’ll never repeat – my very first signing. I celebrated by seeing Cloverfield with my movie buddy. AWESOME movie!

The year streaked past. I finished and turned in the manuscript for the sequel, In the Blood, saw the cover art (YAY!) and sold two more books in the series to my editor at Pocket – Jennifer Heddle. I love working with Jen. She knows my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and never pulls her punches. (Okay, she does pad the punches with humor, something I appreciate.)

We decided it was time to name the series. So after lobbing dozens of possible titles at Jen like a baseball-spitting batting machine, we settled on The Maker’s Song.

It was around this time, or maybe a month or so earlier, that I learned Rush would be re-released in mass-market paperback February 24, 2009. I pogoed all around my house, freaking out my pets who worried Mommy was deranged (well…more deranged).

Around November 2008, advance reviews for In the Blood started appearing. PW, Romantic Times, The Library Journal, all were great, calling it a paranormal thriller. Giddy time again! I also learned that In the Blood was going to be a January featured title in the Barnes and Noble online paranormal/urban fantasy book club. Let’s make it delirious time!

One of the most surreal things happened the day before In the Blood was released – our local newspaper, The Register-Guard, interviewed me. I met the journalist, Finn John, at the local Barnes and Noble and we talked over coffee. The next day, a photographer from The Register-Guard showed up at my house to take photos of me in my office. Working.

“Just write and I’ll take photos.” Um. Okay. Gibberish fills the monitor. LOL.

When In the Blood was released in trade paper on December 30, 2008, it dawned on me that I’d had two books come out during an amazing year, a year that raced past, never to be recaptured.

But I realize each book is a unique and fulfilling experience – from pouring the story onto the page to revisions, copy-edit, page proofs, then release and, hopefully, into the hands of eager readers. Each book and the world held between its covers, will be opened, spilling light onto the pages and into the hearts of its readers. As it has been with every book ever written. Every story ever told.

I’m honored to be a part of that – as a reader, a writer, a dreamer. I’m looking forward to all the books to come.

What’s up ahead? Well, at the end of August 2009, In the Blood will be re-released in mass-market paperback. The third book in the series, Beneath the Skin, will be released in mass-market paperback from the get-go (YAY!), January 2010.

Also, I’ve just sold the first two books in a new urban fantasy series to my editor at Pocket, so now I’ll have two series going! I imagine the books will be released six months apart, one from each series. My dream continues to blossom into reality. Excited doesn’t even cut it – maybe bliss. We’ll see how blissful I feel when I’m running up against two deadlines. A problem I’m looking forward to.

I count my blessings every day. I know how lucky I am. Thank you, Tia, for allowing me this opportunity!



Everyone who leaves a comment will be automatically entered in a giveaway! One winner will receive a mass market paperback copy of A Rush of Wings, and another winner will receive the current trade paperback of In the Blood. I'm not sure when she'll close the contest and pick a winner, so hurry up and enter!


Todd Newton said...

YAY contest!

I loved Cloverfield, but the beginning spoiled the ending for me.

Congratulations on your year of success, Adrian!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved A Rush of Wings, but have not yet had a chance to pick up In The Blood. So obviously I would love to have a copy! Congrats on your new series. I look forward to reading it.

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your success and may it continue!!

Enter me too please!!


Spin the Moon said...

Ditto on Cloverfield, but the beginning didn't give me a problem at all.

Great to hear more about Adrian!

angelshimmery said...

Congratulations on your success so far, would love a chance to win the books.

Adele said...

I'd love the chance to read this book so please enter me.
Also note for Tia, bookblogcon logo due in next friday.

Charlotte said...

Wow, what a year! Thanks for the give away!

Jeanne Ryan said...

I don't know if you are aware of this, but In the Blood is the March book selection over at Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld Forum. That's how I found out about you and I am glad I did.

Please enter me into the contest.

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I have yet to read A Rush of Wings so I'd love a chance to win! (= Congratulations on all your success.

mishtakes AT gmail DOT com

Adrian said...

Yeah, the beginning telegraphed the ending of Cloverfield, true. Still, awesome!

Thanks for your kind words, T.D.!

Maria said...

I love book contests!!!!

Adrian said...

Thanks also to Barb P - I'm so glad you enjoyed A Rush of Wings.

Dottie, thanks for your well wishes and support.

Angelshimmery, thanks for your well wishes.

Hagelrat, merci beaucoup.

Charlotte, you're more than welcome!

Jeanne, thanks for reminding me! I need to check in with Donna and see what's up. A Rush of Wings was the October book selection too. I LOVED chatting with the readers!

Mishel, thanks for your well wishes!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Definitely on my TBR list. But ack! A second series on the way and I haven't even started the first. Darn! More books to read! Heh heh ;)

Renee said...

I loved A Rush of Wings, but haven't yet read In the Blood. I really liked the world Adrian Phoenix created, and Dante was amazing!

Debs Desk said...

Please include me in your drawing. Thanks

buddyt said...

Please include me in the drawing.

I sounds like a couple of good reads !


Neville Thompson

Carla Ribeiro said...

They surely sound like great books!

Chris said...

I loved A Rush of Wings and am looking forward to reading In the Blood very, very soon. Please enter me in the contest!

tetewa said...

I received a signed copy of Rush of Wings from you and loved it! Can't wait to read the next one.

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

Would love a copy of either book!

Cathy M said...

I love urban fantasy/paranormal stories and have had your book on my wish list for awhile now. Looks like it time to get started on this series.

Anonymous said...

Loved A Rush of Wings, but haven't yet bought the sequel. Maybe the random number generator genie will be kind and pick me to win.

Carmen R said...

I loved A Rush of Wings. I can't wait to read In The Blood. Times have been tight but things are picking up so I should be able to get it soon and I can't wait.

donnas said...

Great post. I have been wanted to read A Rush of Wings for a while now but have not had to chance to get a copy.

Congrats on the new series.

Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

I liked Cloverfield too, but it made me seasick lol

I've been wanting to read this series! Thanks so much for the chance to win one of the books.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your two releases great year for you. This is the first I have heard of your books but as I love this kind of book have added them to my tbr pile. This is why I love blogs get to know new authors and books.

Tia Nevitt said...

We interrupt these comments for a quick announcement.

This contest will close at 11:59 EST on Sunday. I will announce the winners sometime on Monday.

We now return to your regularly scheduled comments.

Lisa said...

Hi Tia,
Thanks for hosting this. Please enter me in the giveaway.Congrats to Adrian.

Social Ghost said...

I haven't heard of this author but those books seem like the kind I would like. Count me in.

Donna said...

Congrats on your success! Your books sound so exciting. Definitely my kinda books.

dragonb said...

enter me please.

thanks for you blog, I enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book success. When I finally get the courage to publish, I hope it will have similar success to yours. :D

Thanks for the giveaway. If I dont win the book, it will be added to my TBR list.


Adrian said...

Maria, thanks for entering the contest!

Jacqueline, happy to be in your TBR pile!

Renee, thanks for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed RUSH and Dante. I think you'll love IN THE BLOOD.

Debdesk, thanks also for entering the contest.

Nelville and Silent Raven, best of luck to both of you in the contest.

Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed RUSH! You'll really enjoy BLOOD too.

Teresa, wonderful to hear from you! Best of luck in the contest.

Lynn, if you win, I'll send you RUSH since it's always good to start at the beginning. ;)

Cathy, I'm honored that you have my books on your wish list. Best of luck!

Jody F., Yay for enjoying RUSH! I wish you the best of luck!

Carmen R., thanks for your kind words. I hope we can get a copy of BLOOD into your hands soon.

Donnas, thanks for entering the contest. I wish you the best of luck!

Mo, thanks for entering the contest! Best of luck!

Lisa, thanks for the congrats. I feel very blessed, to be honest I'm grateful to Tia for bringing me to the attention of new readers. Thanks so much for adding me to your tbr pile. (Well, not ME, my books. LOL.)

Social Ghost and Fantasy Dreamer - Great to meet both of you. Like I just told Lisa, I thank Tia for bringing me to the attention of new readers!

StyleVamp said...

Congratulations on your success...would love to win this amazing giveaway :)

Unknown said...

Looks like an interesting series of books to keep an eye out for.

I'd love a chance to read them.

Deborah Blake said...

This looks fab! I'll have to add them to my list of books TBR. (Oy.) Congrats on having such a great year. As an author, I know such things are truly rare! Best of luck with these books and all the rest to come!

ediFanoB said...

I'm impressed. So many participants. That means the books of Adrian Phoenix must be good. To be honest I didn't read a book by Adrian Phoenix so far. But when I win I will do it.

Anyway Good luck for all who take part.

Blodeuedd said...

wow, would love to win that if it's open worldwide :D

Unknown said...

I would love to get to read one of these books. Count me in as following the series and author either way now that I've found them.

The Brunette Librarian said...

Congratulations Adrian! :) Thanks for the contest, they look great!

Tia Nevitt said...

The winner for A Rush of Wings is Donna S!
The winner for In the Blood is Renee!