Friday, February 27, 2009

Adrian's Contest, plus other stuff

Adrian Phoenix's giveaway--which is still going on here--will come to a close on Sunday, March 1st at 11:59 PM, so you will have every possible minute of Sunday to get your entry in on time.

I have a Discovery Showcase tomorrow, and I now have a couple of months worth of them. Kimber An said that the number of downloads for her novel doubled after I posted her excerpt. So I was thrilled to hear that.

I have been getting a lot of books well in advance of the release date, so I will be able to post a lot more reviews on or close to the day that they release. I had to get organized, so I came up with a system where all my advance copies are sorted by release date. Some, I get months before they come out. Some--like The Warded Man--I get just a week or two ahead of time. Here is a picture of my current stack:

(Books that I've already read but have not yet reviewed are not in this stack. Books that I am currently reading are not in this stack, except the top one. Yes, I read more than one book at a time, until one hooks me enough to set aside the other.)

Notice my super-high-tech sticky system. Yes, I know. Very impressive. The top ones have the highest priority, because the release date has recently passed. It may not look like a lot of books to some of you who get this many every week, but they are all debuts, except the 2nd book the The 13th Reality series. The bottom one came out in 2006, but the publisher sent it to me just before Christmas, probably because the second book in the series comes out in paperback in May.

At this point, I am heaving a sigh. I received the second book in a series that I was unable to finish last year. The publisher ended up sending me both books. They are not in the above stack. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about those. Maybe I'll give them another chance.

I have an interview coming! William Drinkard, who wrote the excellent and underrated Elom, has agree to an interview. Since he has not had a huge amount of exposure on the web, I have loads of questions for him. I'll be writing that interview this weekend.

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