Monday, October 1, 2007

This Was Nice to Read

The lovely girls over at The Toasted Scimitar had this to say. Thanks, ladies! I love it when I read that someone is going to buy a book that I announced here.


Chris, The Book Swede said...

This site is fabulous! I haven't been able to comment on here much lately, but I still visit every day :)

The Book Swede

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks, Chris! I try to leave comments a couple times a week on blogs that I frequent, but this past week was somewhat difficult. Plus, the list of blogs I comment on has become very long!

Maria said...

Not that you asked, but I saw this over on another reviewer blog and really liked the idea--

She posts a monthly, "What I read" with little blurbs about what the book was and who she recommends it to (she's a librarian so she reads a lot of YA, as well as adult, cozies to thrillers along with some fantasy--and it's nice to be reminded of the category in that long list!). Not sure the "who" applies to this site, but I love the "here's the summary of the month."

On the first of every month she posts a "Here's what's in the intended pile" with little blurbs and maybe a picture or two. Kind of a coming up next. Not that she necessarily gets to all of them, but since it is the beginning of a new month, she picks 6 that she thinks she will read. Sometimes she reads closer to 15.

Just an idea. You know, in case you were bored. You looked...well, okay you looked harassed, not bored, but when I squinted, it could have been bored...

Read on!

SQT said...

Always nice to be recognized. ;)

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Maria. I usually do an "upcoming" post every other Monday or so, and in fact I was in the midst of writing one today when I saw your post! As for the monthly review post, that's a cool idea as well.