Thursday, October 4, 2007

An Interesting Email

Among my email this morning -- which gets more interesting by the day -- is an actual press release. At first, I was bemused; am I actually "press"? I didn't consider it spam, because the author and I have swapped emails in the past.
However, now I'm thinking, what a great idea! Press releases would actually help me out a great deal. If you want to send me a press release or any other sort of promotional material for your debut novel, please put "Press Release" in the subject line. It would help a great deal if your press release included the release date of your novel. I'll still write my own debut announcements, but the press releases will help me get organized.
To thank Minnette for her idea, here is her press release. She has some pretty awesome blurbs. I usually won't post the entire release; I'd hate for this blog to become nothing more than a repository for press releases.
SS Cover.jpg STARSIGHT by Minnette Meador



Piers Anthony: "[Starsight] is one powerful and imaginative fantasy adventure novel with many nice touches...there is magic galore, and challenge galore; nothing comes easy. It's the first of a series, and it should do well if readers become aware of it."

Spider Robinson: "After millennia of discovery and exploration, and especially the last century or two of strip-mining, you'd think the fantasy genre would be wrung dry by now, leaving its writers with nothing to do but rewrite, presenting old ideas in newer clothes. Minnette Meador has begun reinventing and redefining the field by page 30 of STARSIGHT, and hasn't stopped by the final sentence. But there's more than just novel ideas going on, here; Meador also knows the unfakeable secret of keeping even newcomers turning the pages: care about your characters so much it becomes infectious. This is a Typhoid Mary of a book, from a writer to watch."

STARSIGHT BY MINNETTE MEADOR is out for pre-order from The first 50 copies sold will come signed and with a gift. First time buyers to StoneGarden will receive a $5.00 discount (use coupon code FIRSTORDER) or if you are a returning buyer, you can receive free shipping on your order (coupon code PREORDER).

Go to Minnette's blog on MySpace or to to read an excerpt or to to read the first chapter.


Tia Nevitt said...

Oops; the image didn't paste. When I tried to fix it, Blogger messed up all my fonts, so I'm leaving it as is until tonight, when I have time to wrestle with it. Grr!!!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this post and wanted to thank you for putting it up on your exciting it was to find it through google?

Just as an update, Starsight is currently on track to release the 15th or March and I will be having my release book signings on the beatiful south coast of Oregon; 3/15 at Books By The Bay in North Bend, Oregon and on 3/29 at the Winter River Book Store in Bandon, Oregon. There will be a deluge of promo sent out to all the group I belong to and hopefully several more tours and book signings to follow.

I also have a second book coming out in April called The Centurion & the Celt around the middle of the month from Resplendence Publishing. This is a historical romance which is frankly just as much action and adventure as it is romance for all you potential men out there. I'm thrilled to have had this opportunity to work with Resplendence as they are exceptionally professional and my editor is simply the best.

Again, thanks for including me in your blog. When I get mine up and running, I would like to return the favor. In the meantime, I am pre-dominate at my own website or at Myspace See you on the posts! Minnette :)