Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rebottling the Genie

I decided to relax my "no review copies" policy because it has proven to be impossible to keep them from arriving. I rather feel like Aladdin in the Disney movie, when Robin Williams/Genie roars at him, "Now you're getting yer wishes!!!" You can't re-bottle the genie. Not before you get your wishes -- er, books.

Since I'll be getting review copies anyway, it hardly seems fair to refuse someone who asks. The details are in the What I Do Here post.

Thanks to the Swivet for the latest, which is a debut that I missed from September (my tardy announcement is forthcoming). And darn it if it doesn't look as good as the last one she sent me!!!


Kimber Li said...

Getting a little backed up, are we? Do you speed-read? I taught myself when I was a kid out of desperation. So many books, so little time, yanno. 'Course, then I'll get books which refuse to be sped-read and then I'm in trouble. But, it's a good kind of trouble.

Tia Nevitt said...

No, I never learned that skill. I like to savor my books. Maybe all books refuse to be sped-read for me!