Thursday, August 6, 2009

Debut Showcase: Dunraven Road

Dunraven Road (Amazon USA - UK - Canada)
Caroline Barnard-Smith (Website - Blog)
Immanion Press
Trade Paperback

In the sleepy backwater of Dunraven Road, a group of hedonistic friends are trapped in a deadly prison of their own making. When Zach, their enigmatic leader, brings his long term plans to fruition and paves the way for a sadistic vampire cult, their fragile world begins to break apart. Fuelled by dangerous passions and an insatiable craving for the substance they call red, the group must decide whether to succumb to the sweet lure of the abyss, or stand and fight for their very survival.

Immanion Press is a small British publisher that seems to be doing interesting things, so I thought I'd go ahead and post this. It sounds like a creepy novel--not really my thing--but I don't usually go for dark novels, as most of you know. I wish I could get a better sense of the story from the blurb.


Raven said...

Yeah, the blurb doesn't really say what it's about, so it's hard to get a sense of whether I'd like it or not.

Lauren said...

I never really got into the whole "Vampire" thing so I am not sure, but I'd love to read a well written vampire story. Maybe this is one of those :) You are right, the blurb really isn't telling much about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm the author of Dunraven Road and I'm really excited to be here at Fantasy Debut :)

I'm sorry some of you feel that the blurb doesn't tell you much. Lauren, I'd like to think this is a well written vampire story, or at least different to the multitude of paranormal romances out there at the moment. I wrote this book because I wanted to create some scary vampires, i.e. vampires as they're supposed to be! The book could be labelled a horror as well as a dark fantasy.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, I have posted the first chapter on my website and there's been a nice comment posted on which I think gives some more insight into the novel.

Tia Nevitt said...

Bravo on vampires as they are supposed to be! I am done with vampire romantic love interests. In fact, I never got on that bandwagon to begin with.

Hagelrat said...

I like the cover on this one.

Chicory said...

I'd have to agree with the `return o the evil vampire' sentiment. If vampires aren't vicious blood-sucking monsters, what's the point?

Mishel said...

I agree about the blurb. But I still find myself interested in it.