Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok, so I finally joined GoodReads. Thanks to everyone who sent me friend requests over the months! If you want to add me as your friend, I'll approve friend requests as long as I know who you are. If you're not sure I know you, just add a note in your request mentioning that you follow this blog. Here's my profile page:

So far, I've added every book that I've read since starting Fantasy Debut, and I'm still adding books from my bookshelf, as they come to mind. There's going to be lots more besides fantasy and debuts. Now that I have a bunch of books on my bookshelf, I'll start adding review snippets.

I can't believe how addictive this thing is.


T.D. Newton said...

Good for you on this. I found that I was wayyy too disorganized to even try, though I did sign up at one point. I'm a classic case Type B personality.

ediFanoB said...

As a member of Goodreads I can tell you that it is very addictive.