Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Debut Showcase: Bite Me

Bite Me (Amazon USA, UK, Canada)
By Parker Blue (website)
Trade Paperback
Bell Bridege Books

My kid sister shrugged, trying to act nonchalant. "Dad might not like it if you get vampire blood in his trunk."

I slammed the trunk shut. "He's used to it. Besides, the blood will disintegrate along with the rest of the body when sunlight hits it."

Barely eighteen-year-old heroine Valentine Shapiro got a raw deal in the parent lottery. Her father was part incubus demon, and her mother's never forgiven her for that.

Life after high school is tough enough without having to go 15 rounds with your inner demon. Thrown out of the house by her mother, Val puts one foot in front of the other and does the only thing that seems to make any sense--she takes aim at the town vampires. A stake a day, keeps the demon at bay. (But don't call her Buffy. That makes Lola, her demon, very cranky.)

Her dark side makes everyday life a roller coaster, but means she's perfect for her night job as a bounty hunter. San Antonio's vampires are out of control, and it's up to Val, her faithful hellhound Fang, and her new partner, a handsome San Antonio police detective, to get the deadly fangbangers off the city streets.

Soon enough she finds herself deep in the underbelly of the city, discovering the secrets of the Demon Underground and fighting to save those she loves. Whether they love her back or not.

The author has been published before as romance novelist Pam McCutcheon. She also write nonfiction. The UK and Canadian Amazon links do not yet have the cover image, so I'm guessing they're brand new (just a guess). This novel looks like it takes on vampires as antagonists, but the title makes me wonder. It looks like it is for an older young adult audience; certainly the blurb looks more adult than YA. The hellhound sounds interesting as well.

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