Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blogger Showcase: Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews

I've been meaning to showcase Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews for a while now. Dark Wolf is from Romania, and he writes in excellent English. He concentrates on fantasy and fantasy art. He even occasionally showcases bad fantasy art, which is always amusing. Scroll down and check out the cover for an awful cover for a Terry Brooks translation. Here is one of his comments from that post:

However, as much as I appreciate their efforts I could not buy their second title. Trust me, I tried to, but seeing this cover art I couldn’t take my money from the wallet.
I respect a guy who can be funny outside of his native tongue. He also recently did an interview with Peter Straub.

I like reading Dark Wolf's blog because it gives me a perspective outside of the usual American/Canadian/British blogs that I usually haunt. Plus, he writes excellent and thoughtful reviews. Check it out!


Mulluane said...

He is also a really nice guy. I follow his blog religiously.

Dark Wolf said...

Tia, thank you very much for the showcase and for your very nice words. It means a lot to me :) Thank you.

Mulluane, thank you very much too :)

ediFanoB said...

To be honest, Dark Wolf deserve it. He is a great guy and I read his blog regularly. He makes every effort to keep his blog on a high level.

I appreciate his reviews.