Monday, October 1, 2007


This week, I intend to finish Wind Follower and begin featuring The Book of Joby. Mark Ferrari was kind enough to send me a copy on his own dime. Thank you, Mark! To get ready, go read his first chapter here. His book is a big, thick epic, so this one will take a while to read. I'm not yet sure how I'll handle it yet, the last time I did a large epic (Acacia) it took me over three weeks to cover it.
At some point this week, I'm going to post a straight review of You Had Me at Halo by Amanda Ashby. This will be my first-ever straight review. You will start seeing more straight reviews here because (1) I sometimes read more than one book at a time (crazy but true!) and (2) having both straight and featured reviews enable me to cover more than one book at a time.
Over the weekend, I'm going to send out questions for my first-ever editor review, with Paula Guran of Juno Books. (I also want to interview Carole McDonnell, but I have not asked her yet.) I also have some Juno Books debut announcements to catch up on. Plus, Paula said she's going to send me some additional titles. It won't quite be All Juno, All the Time, but for a while, it might seem like it!

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Tia said...

Carole has agreed to an interview! I have three interviews to write now, one for Carole, one for Paula and one for Mark Ferrari. I hope to get most of them emailed tonight.