Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spotlight Review - THE BOOK OF JOBY at The Book Swede

Chris has reviewed THE BOOK OF JOBY over at The Book Swede. Chris reviews all sorts of speculative fiction, and he doesn't let a novel with Biblical-inspired subject matter stop him -- even though he's an atheist. Here's a small quote:

It has occurred to me, that perhaps some people may shy from this book because of its religious nature, but as an atheist with a deep interest in biblical history and the stories of the War in Heaven (ironic, I know), I can say that it isn't trying to make a religious point ... and knowing some Christians who have read this book, it isn't insulting or disrespectful, either.

Read the rest of his very favorable review here.


Carole said...

Hi Tia:

Was gonna post this on The Book Swede but hey, I know you. So am posting it here.

War in heaven doesn't surprise me at all, i think. There's the assumption, oftentimes, in intellectual circles that great intelligence PLUS great power PLUS great free will implies nobility and a disdain for war. I don't know if that's true. The world is made up of folks with free will. Humans have it. God has it. Other kinds of non-earthly beings have it. Why should it be considered strange, then, that ultra-intelligent spiritual beings can be at war against God? Or that some humans can use their free will to decide how much suffering they will endure for God or for integrity's sake? Am reading Mark's sample and so far he is doing a wonderful job....(smile) a wonderful Joby! -C

Tia said...

Very interesting points! I suppose it isn't strange at all. But we are used to thinking of heaven as some sort of utopia, free of all strife and argument. Personally, that might get a bit boring, but we most likely cannot fathom what heaven would really be like.

I really enjoyed his first chapter. But that's as far as I've gotten. It's kind of "Blog Light" this week for me, since other things are competing for my attention.

Carole said...

I suspect heaven would seem boring to us now on earth because our world is not really a real world in the sense of personal freedom. For instance all of the "work" on earth is about maintenance, and keeping order in the world. Medical, Criminal, sanitary. Only art seems to be free of that...and even so it's about describing the destruction and maintenance of order. Plus we define drama as strife. (although music has drama without strife) What would a world be like without that? In heaven there is true work...and in our limited mindset, we cannot possible understand the glories to come...the essence of "real" life. To imagine a world of utter arguments, no sickness...just doing whatever it is we're supposed to do...and even better -- "being like God because we can see him as he is" (as St Paul says) -- Dang! that just seems wonderful to me. I'm old i think...and tired of strife and human drama.

Yeah, me the stuff competing for attention. Gotta work on DOM. -C

Chris, The Book Swede said...

Thank you, Tia for this :) I'm very grateful.

That was an interesting post of yours, Carole:

I agree that some ultra-intelligent beings would indeed be against God. It is nature, human nature, to have a certain conflict of ideas and intellects, and Man was made in God's image so they sayeth (though whether with an echo of His personality, thought, etc are discussions way past my head) so yes, I definitely agree with that, and that to some, at least, Heaven would likely seem boring and too perfect.

It's humanity striving for perfection which drives us: the actual achievement falls rather short of our expectations, often.

As an atheist, I tend to think of "God" as the manifestation of a conceptual entity -- i.e. that of Humanity's drive towards a greater consciousness, better ethics, whatever; Our own personal God, our conscience. Rather than a literal GOD, Super-being, etc.

I have respect for all religions, which is why when talking about any of them, I talk about them as though I believed. Someone once said that atheism was the closest you got to believing in all the Gods. They may have a point, I'm still undecided!

Anyway, I've rambled too long about something which interests me, but of which I never realised I had so much to say!

So, adios!, thank you to Tia for the kind featuring and to Carole for providing the opportunity for me to ramble =D

The Book Swede

Chris, The Book Swede said...

Just realised you're the Carole whom Tia interviewed a little while back -- enjoyed it greatly, it made for interesting reading, and you clearly enjoy what you do :)

Tia said...

My pastor keeps telling us that we are all going to have jobs in heaven and that we are going to be very busy. Like Carole said, with challenges, but without strife.

I hope that means I'll still be able to write!