Monday, October 8, 2007

In Internet Exile

My Internet connection crashed on Saturday morning right in the middle of my research for last week's debut announcement. So I've been Internet-free all weekend. I came in to work 10 minutes early so I can throw up this post. I'll need a day or two to catch up with my planned posts, and that's assuming that my Internet connection is fixed when I get home from work.

On the bright side, I've finished Wind Follower! I've been gathering my thoughts on it and I'll put up a final post as soon as my Internet connection permits.


Robert said...

I hate it when the Internet goes down! Hopefully it's back up and running now :D

Tia said...

My husband informs me that we are back online! I've also recently recovered from feeling a bit under the weather so I should be able to get caught up fairly quickly!