Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sundry Subjects

I have finished The Book of Joby and need to get a post up about the ending and the book as a whole. All I'll say right now is that it was difficult to put down!

I sent out some interview questions to Jennifer Estep and I hope to get them back soon. I plan to up my review up of Hot Mama on the day it releases.

I received an offer of a review copy from another Class of 2K7 author that I missed -- Suzanne Selfor's To Catch a Mermaid. It's a children's novel; very short with an eclectic blend of concepts, so I took her up on her offer.

In the meantime, La Gringa had Random House send me Auralia's Colors, and it looks very good so I'm about to start reading it.

I have a question for you bloggers out there. I notice that some of you employ various comment author moderation methods such as no anonymous posting, entering a verification word and full moderation.

My comments are wide open. I figured I'd leave it that way until it started to be a problem. It has not been a problem yet. I've received exactly one piece of comment junk during the past six months. A few years ago, I ran a GreyMatter blog and I used to get junk all the time. In fact, hardly anyone knew about that blog and the only type of comments I got were cheesy advertisements.

So it seems to me that either 1) Google does a very good job filtering comments or 2) my blog is beneath the notice of spammers.

If you use some sort of moderation, did you do this in response to junk comments? If so, how much junk comments were you actually getting?


Maria said...

Definitely in response to spammers--but these days the basic filtering is much, much better. That filtering is quite likely why you haven't been completely spammed yet.

The other problem (that will hit you eventually) is when some spammer does find you and starts spamming once every few seconds. The only real way to stop that is to just close comments on that topic completely.

Enjoy the lack of spam. They will find you. They probably already have, but they haven't gotten through yet...

Tia said...

Ugh. Hats off to Google for keeping my comments clean!

Aidan Moher said...

Damn, only 1 spam comment! Lucky you!

Akismet (a Worpress plugin) tells me that it's stopped 1,312 pieces of spam since I started the blog!

Also, can't wait to see your final thoughts on The Book of Joby. I'm about halfway through right now and am absolutely adoring it!

A Dribble of Ink

Tia said...

Wow; that's a lot of spam. Google doesn't tell me how much spam it has stopped.

I'm going to try to work on that review tonight. I will be watching for your review as well!

pussreboots said...

I hand post the comments I receive rather than having it automated. It allows for moderation without having to worry about legit comments being lost or without having to annoy with capchits.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm reading Auralia right now; I'll review it over at Front Street Reviews once I finish.

As for comments, I moderate just 'cause I like to. It makes me feel powerful. There have been very few comments I haven't posted, even if they've been comments I'd rather not be seeing. There's always a way to make fun of those losers.

The spammers, though... anyone with a url for a name is either cutting-edge and should have a cameo in Neuromancer or just get deleted. I choose the latter.

Tia said...

Puss, I follow a similar approach. I moderate after-the-fact. I'll have to check out your blog; thanks for stopping by!

Susan, I've just started reading it. It looks good so far! I chuckled when I read that you moderate because it "makes you feel powerful"! At least you're honest!

Raven said...

I started using word verification on Blogger when suddenly one day I got an influx of spam. When I moved over to Wordpress I... well, I don't actually remember how I have it set on there, but I know Akismet stops most of the spam, and most of the rest I can catch myself by having it set to require moderation if a comment contains more than one link.

Chris, The Book Swede said...

I've only had 3 pieces of spam (even with word verification). I have no idea how they, the spammers, do it; it seems to be random, so I highly doubt that you are beneath their notice :)

Not that that's much of a compliment, when I realise I'm accidentally saying you're deserving of spam! ;)