Sunday, July 1, 2007

KARMA GIRL - Too Fun to Stop Reading

Ok, so I finished KARMA GIRL ahead of schedule. I'll continue to feature this book until Wednesday. I should be able to throw tidbits your way until then, in addition to a final review.

Favorite line in the book: "That's ok. I don't mind. You can take advantage of me anytime."

This book is basically about the birth of a superhero, but you can tell that from the title of the book. The way that the superhero was created is deliciously satisfying when an ubervillainess's scheme to destroy Carmen goes horribly awry. The ubervillainess was deliciously smug and it was great to see her comeuppance. I also loved to see Carmen take on the fabulous challenge of rescuing a superteam without a single power of her own. Of course, she has plenty of explodium, and she's not afraid to use it.

There's a bit of angst in the book, but no comic book would be complete without it. Would we have loved Peter Parker as much without his guilt over Uncle Ben? Would we have loved Colossus as much had he not had such a tragic family life? The important thing is that the angst is not dragged out too much.

I'll post a final wrap-up later in the week, but before then, I want to post a review of Jennifer Estep's fabulous website!

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