Thursday, July 5, 2007

Feedback, Please

I've come up with a few ideas for this site and I'd be interested in hearing yours as well.

I decided to put my reviews on a schedule. I am basing this schedule on web traffic patterns that I have observed during the month that this site has been live so far.

All featured debuts will now start on a Monday, and will be featured at least a week. I will put up posts at specific milestones in the book. The first post will be on the first chapter, which is usually available for free on author websites. I will put up a second post when I am about halfway through the book. The third post will be about the ending. And a forth post will wrap-up with all the links I always give on the final post. I will try to finish the book by Friday.

I'll also put up short posts if something really wows me or turns me off. Any extras, such as author interviews or chats, will take place after my last post. If a book runs for longer than a week, I will wait until the next Monday before starting the next review.

Every Wednesday, I will post any debut news that I have been able to glean over the past week. Tips are always appreciated! On weekends and in between milestone posts, I'll put up any relevant news items that I may come across (especially about authors that I have featured), or the odd frivolous post.

Between featured debuts, I may have one-shot historical reviews of books I have read in the past, guest reviews, or one-shot reviews of subsequent books by my authors.

Do you have any helpful ideas?


Kimber An said...

Sounds good. I think Bloggers like to know when to expect what. If they have to keep popping in to find out, I think they get annoyed and stop coming.

Tia Nevitt said...

I think so too. I had a feeling that I was getting to random in my posts.