Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Debut Day!

Today is the release date for The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum. I've read it, enjoyed it, and meant to write my review in the wee hours this morning before work, but Blogger was experiencing an outage. So I'll try to get that written up tonight. In the meantime, Happy Debut Day to Lisa Mangum!

Have you ever been waiting for something and found it hard to concentrate while doing said waiting? Well, I've been waiting for a rather exciting "yes" or "no" for the past two weeks, and I'll be danged if I can get motivated to write much of anything, including blog posts. If I get a "yes", I'll tell you all about it. If it's "no", well, I'll probably never mention it again.


Lisa said...

well I hope you wouldn't be posting a possible happy news of a 'yes' unless that yes means what I think it means . . . party time ! (would be mean of you if it means something else as I'm already all excited for you!)

Tia Nevitt said...

If only I can get by this danged waiting. I'm waiting for too many things in my life right now, not the least of which for my daughter's school year to at last be over!

Lauren said...

I am such a crappy wait-er. I have zero patience. If I am waiting on something that is important the event just keeps replaying over and over and I plan what I will do either way. I hope that you find out quickly!