Monday, March 16, 2009

Upcoming and Ongoing

Discovery Showcase Update
I never had the influx of submissions that everyone warned me about, but I still have plenty of entries for the next month and a half. Judging from the increase in the number of visitors who check in on Saturday, the Discovery Showcase is getting some readership, even if the entry doesn't always generate comments. I used to have a dip on Saturdays. This isn't typical anymore. The Discovery Showcase announcement post is now my most widely-read post.

If any of my blogging buddies are approached by any self-published authors, please refer them to this post.

Bookspot Central Tourney
Bookspot Central is having a head-to-head matchup of book vs. book. Pick your book and defend it to the death. Some debut-including match-ups include The Digital Plague vs. Black Ships, and Sly Mongoose vs. Sharp Teeth. Check it out here.

Ann Aguirre Book Tour
Ann Aguirre is having a virtual book tour for her new urban fantasy series, Blue Diablo, which comes out on April 7th. She's stopping here. Along with the tour, she's running a giveaway. Ann will be stopping by here on April 16th after touring for almost a month. I hope she isn't burned out by then!

William H. Drinkard Interview
I've arranged for an interview with William H. Drinkard, author of Elom, one of my favorite debuts of 2008. It will be along the same lines as a One Year Later guest post, but formatted as an interview because I had some specific questions for him.

In the meantime, here is a video that Tor made of Mr. Drinkard, in which he discusses his novel, Elom.

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