Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Blogger Convention Social Network!

Hagelrat of Un:Bound has created a social network for us to do our convention planning! We quickly outgrew the blog, which we are still going to use for the newsletter.

Wait. Let me start over.

First. We have a ning social network. We are going to use it for convention planning. If you want to be in on the planning, if you simply want to watch us as we stumble around, trying to figure out how to plan this thing, this is the place to be. Things are getting interesting. We even have an event planner! It is here:

Book Blogger Convention

We also have a blog. We are going to use it to update folk who are interested in the convention, but are not going to be in on the planning. It is here:

Book Blogger Convention Blog

Finally, we are planning a newsletter. We will send it out monthly, to alert interested parties as to our convention planning progress. To subscribe, send me an email for now. We'll eventually find some way of automating the newsletter sign-up. We will also post the contents of the newsletter on the above blog, plus interesting news as it comes up. My email for signing up:

tia dot nevitt at gmail dot com

I'll continue to throw updates here, because this is where I pitched the original idea, but the above places will have more timely news.

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