Friday, January 25, 2008

Upcoming Stuff

Raven has finished A Rush of Wings, and is writing the review. I should have it in time to post on Sunday afternoon. (I don't post anything important on Saturdays, because everyone is off having fun.)

I've read a huge chunk of Across the Face of the World, and I'm still really enjoying it. Life Intruded, which is why it has taken me three weeks to read it. Which is also why I asked Raven to help me out by guest reviewing. I should be done this weekend, but in order to avoid confusion, I'll post my final thoughts on it it after Raven's final Rush post.

I heard from Lisa Shearin today. She told me that I can expect an ARC of Armed and Magical in the mail in the next week or so! I'm really looking forward to reading this novel. To get in on the excitement, head over to Lisa's website and check out her sample chapters. They are linked together, so start with Chapter One. Or, if you have not read Magic Lost, Trouble Found yet, you can read those chapters starting here. Lisa's blog is always fun and informative, especially if you write. Tomorrow she plans to put up a post showing her unpublished manuscript stack!

I have a copy of The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald, which she gave to me personally. We were able to meet for coffee a couple of Sundays ago, because we happen to live in the same town. I had a great time with her. The meeting was also great interview fodder, but I was having much too much fun to take notes. I started reading her novel today in anticipation of covering it next. The paperback version releases on Febuary 5th (according to Amazon), and the next book in the series, The Stars Down Under, releases in March. The Outback Stars also made it on the preliminary ballet for the Nebula Award!

I hate to plan too far ahead of time, but I also want to cover The Crypt of the Moaning Diamond by Rosemary Jones. I admit that I got curious about the little white dog! And in somewhere in the murky future, Raven will be covering Debatable Space by Philip Palmer.

I just put a lot of stuff in my Other Debut Coverage sidebar, including lots of reviews of Debatable Space and Black Magic Woman, among others.

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Kimber Li said...

Hi, Tia!

I'm getting an ARC of ARMED AND MAGICAL too. And so is Laurie over at Toasted Scimitar. I was thinking maybe we should coordinate when to do our reviews so we don't clash. I think we should post them one week after the other. Pop over and email me and/or Laurie.