Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A RUSH OF WINGS: Rushing Toward Conclusion

Here is Raven's latest installment of her as-she-reads it review of A RUSH OF WINGS.

I'm now more than three-quarters of the way through A RUSH OF WINGS. Tension is high, Dante's in more trouble than ever, and everything is converging toward the ultimate showdown.

One of the things I'm really enjoying about this book is that Adrian Phoenix doesn't pull her punches. If her characters walk into a bad situation, nobody bails them out. They have to rise to the occasion. And nobody gets spared anything. Basically, whatever the characters are desperately trying to avoid will happen to them. This is great for tension and creating emotional connection to the characters.

I still have absolutely no idea how the book is going to end. I know who the final confrontation will be with (unless the story takes an unexpected turn), but I still don't know the bad guy's complete motivation or the whole truth about Dante. Phoenix is good at doling out information bit by bit. At first when she jumped into the bad guys' viewpoints I was afraid she might give away too much too soon, but she's avoided that trap. She's keeping me guessing, and I can't wait for the conclusion.


Anonymous said...

How do you remark on a book AS you're reading it? Don't get me wrong, do your thing, but dang...just finish it and review it. Don't give me updates when you're finished with thirds of the book.

Tia Nevitt said...

And anonymous slam!

We've done as-we-read-it reviews on just about every book we've covered, so you must be new around here.

What can I say, we like being different. And judging from our (by "we" I mean Raven and I) repeat visitor traffic, other people don't mind us being different either.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I am "new around here" and was interested in what you had to say. It was just a comment, and I didn't mean to get your hackles up. That wasn't a slam by a long shot. Be different all you want, but you should lighten up about others comments on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon, the tone came off a little harsh in your first comment. My final review will be coming soon, so if you prefer you can just skip these ones and read that one. :)

Tia Nevitt said...

And I tend to be a bit of a guard dog when it comes to my guest reviewers.