Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Several Things . . .

A lot of writers turned up during the On Rape in Fantasy discussion. Therefore, we therefore decided to have a new weekly feature here at Fantasy Debut, and this one will be interactive. I'm going to call it Writer Wednesday. We'll have an open blog topic and we'll just hang out and discuss it in the comments for a day or so. So be sure to come back next Wednesday if you are a writer! I may even try to line up author guests.


The winners of The King's Daughters by Nathalie Mallet are:

Rabia of Bradford, Vt
Grace of Airy, Md
Deborah of Tewksbury, MA


Tomorrow, I'll close out the Zadayi Red giveaway, so be sure to get your entries in.


I've kept the most exciting news for last. One of my friends has an agent!!! Her name is Kristin and you can read all the details at her blog. Kristin is my critique partner, so I've read the work in question, and its so exciting to have seen it grown and then finally attract an agent. A few months ago, she packed it up and sent it to me, and I went over it with my little red pen. I've read two of her novels, and she's read two of mine. Anyway, Grim Light is a wonderfully imaginative Young Adult novel that is entirely vampire-free. So yes, all you writers, agents are still taking on writers even in the midst of this recession. Take heart and keep submitting! And I'll be sure to follow my own advice!


Chicory said...

Congratulations, Kristen!

Kristin B said...

Thanks so much for the big announcement, Tia!

And thanks, Chicory! =)