Monday, May 4, 2009

Website Showcase: Fantasy Literature

I've been in communication with Kat, the website operator of Fantasy Literature, and I wanted to take a moment to showcase this excellent resource. They have made it their goal to catalog fantasy literature, and they have done an impressive job. Fantasy Literature has an extensive list of authors and their works plus reviews of each title. Say you want to check out Jacqueline Carey. You would click on the Jacqueline Carey link, which would take you to a page showing highlights from her career, such as awards, images of her books and reviews of each book she has written. Sometimes, there are multiple reviews for each book. You can leave comments on each review.

Or, if you decide you like a particular reviewer, you can click on the reviewer's link and see more about that reviewer along with all reviewed books, arranged "star" order.

The site also has a blog, a forum and a nifty Fantasy Title Generator that generates some very cool titles! Here are the ones it generated for me:

Uneasy Venom
The Deep Phantom
Grail of Key
The Flame-Pits's Demon
The Page of the Flesh
Temper in the Magic

The strangest title? Wonderland in the Boy. Hmm . . . so the boy is the portal . . .

There's much more. This is the kind of website where you just want to poke around for a while and see what's there. If you work for a major publisher, I know Kat would be thrilled if you could send her some raw data of your upcoming titles.

Check it out:


Dark Wolf said...

That's a very good site and a nice showcase :)
I like that I could look at the upcoming titles there too and I like to wander around their "Favorite Fantasy Novels and Series" especially.

Lauren said...

I love collecting great websites related to fantasy and hadn't run across this one yet. Thanks for sharing it!

Peta said...

Wow - that's an incredible site. I'm blown away by the amount of content on it and am looking forward to spending happy hours browsing it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks, Tia!
As you know, we're fans of your blog, too!

ediFanoB said...

The site is very good and a bag full of information. I discovered the site not long ago.

Tia Nevitt said...

Kat is so awesome, and she's got an awesome team, too!

Fantasy Dreamer said...

Love that site. I've been to it before but forgot about it (don't know why. Thanks for the Showcase, gave me a nice reminder.