Sunday, May 17, 2009

Discovery Showcase - Adjusting the Rules

Due to popular demand, I have changed the rules to the Discovery Showcase. I will now offer my feedback for every excerpt I post. I think I was too cautious before, and as a result, most of the time no one offered any comments at all. This must have been disappointing to the authors (unless they get a rush of sales, which is another kind of feedback). Someone needs to break the ice, so I guess it will be me!

I am a skilled critiquer. I joined Critters Workshop way back when in the 90s, but now I have my own small pool of critique partners and beta readers. My time with Critters (and others such as Zoetrope and Critique Circle) taught me how to critique, so hopefully I will be of some use to you.

I'll start with this Saturday's entry. What's the Discovery Showcase? Read about it here.

Tomorrow's post: A review of Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom!

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T.D. Newton said...

Sounds awesome, Tia. I can't speak for others, but I definitely did not get (and was NOT expecting) any kind of absurd jump in sales from the Discover Showcase -- just some attention and (possibly) some feedback. Both are incredibly hard to get, particularly for self-published novels, which makes actual "sales" purely secondary. All us undiscovereds truly appreciate this chance.