Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tonight's Post . . .

. . . is at the Old Bat's Belfry, in the form of a Reader Appreciation Interview. Thanks, Mulluane, who isn't all that much older than me, so I hope she isn't really an old bat.

(I thought of starting a blog called SciFiBroad in acknowledgment of my 40ness. But I already run Fantasy Debut, so maybe that will be the next blog.)

Hmm . . . I need to come up with some sort of reader appreciation gimmick. Mulluane's interview was a lot of fun, and I hope you have as much fun reading it.


TK42ONE said...

SciFiBroad. Hmmm. I think it would be SciFiCougar since you're too young to be SciFiDragon. But that makes me wonder if I should have called myself AverageFantasyReader or something.

Tia Nevitt said...

Hmm. Something got lost in translation. How to define a "broad" in its unique American sense? From Urban Dictionary:

Alot of Italians and Italian-Americans use this.
It is a word you use to describe a female. Used alot durring the 1930's - 1950's. Now it is not as popular because most guys aren't respectable anymore. There are some guys who still use the term today.
John: Hey you see that broad over there?
Tommy: Yeah that's one good looking broad.

Since it's an older term, the connotations have aged as well, so I think of a "broad" as a woman about my age.

TK42ONE said...

No, that was a typical Neil joke that only I got because it made sense in my head. I knew what you were saying by "broad" as in "dame" or "lass" or "lady" or "chic." I was trying to be funny and it failed as usual.

"Cougar hunting" is a term used to describe young men chasing after middle-aged women. Just as "cradle robbing" would be an older man chasing a younger woman and "dragon slaying" would be a man chasing after a much older woman.

So there the explanation. Of my lame joke. Clearly I shouldn't do comedy.

Tia Nevitt said...

Or maybe I'm just too out of touch from common new sayings. I've heard of an old lady being called a dragon, but I never heard of the cougar reference.

ediFanoB said...

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