Thursday, March 5, 2009

Content Starved

This blog has been a bit content starved lately, probably because of a bout of spring (late winter?) migraines. All I want to do is sit around and read. While that's great for my reading stack, it's terrible for my blog.

(And oh dear. My husband is playing Doom. Yes, the original Doom. Does that ever bring back memories. We used to hook up our computers on a null-modem cable and play co-op. Those were the days.)

Anyway, to keep you occupied, why don't you check out what I would be if I could become a superhero. (Thanks, Ana and Thea!)


Speed Reader said...

Your blog may be contest starved, but we still think you are fabulous!

Check it out:

Plinydogg said...

I crank up original Doom every now and then myself. Great, great game! Good luck with the migraines!

TK42ONE said...

And thank you for making me feel old, well, older than normal at least. I too played Doom via modem. That direct dialing was great for death match games but would get me in trouble with my girlfriend (now my wife) because she couldn't call me.

And don't worry about content. I'm sure you'll have something for us soon enough.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

I can't help hoping that all the reading you're doing will eventually translate into some reviews. {Smile}

Whether it does or not, it sounds like a good way to wait out a migraine to me. I've noticed that looking at paper is a lot easier on a migraine than looking at computer and TV screens. So as long as the migraines aren't clouding your thinking too much to follow a plot, catching up on book reading should be great. {SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

Tia Nevitt said...

TK, my husband and I each had our own computer even way back then, so we used a NULL MODEM cable to connect the two. It's one of those wonderful little bits of obsolete hardware. You simply plug it in to both computers, using the serial ports. (Remember those?) Nowadays, we'd use our network, which is actually a bit more complicated.

Anne, I will definitely be reviewing this book.

Erica said...

Oh, yes. My mates and I used to play Doom II deathmatch via serial cable between our dorm rooms. That plasma rifle kicked butt :)

Then again, I also remember loading the beta version of WIndows 95 onto my 386 -- from floppy disk. There were like 25 floppies. And it crashed. All the time ;D not much has changed.

Tia Nevitt said...

We had a 286! In fact, that wasn't even my first computer. We had a 8088 with dual floppy disks and no hard drive. 640K! Our first hard drive was pure bliss.

(No, my computing history doesn't go as far back as an 8086.)

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes! I feel much better today. And thanks to Speed Reader, I will have an entertaining new meme to post tonight!

ediFanoB said...

I never played DOOM. I liked the Leisure Suit Larry series by Sierra.

There are always ups and downs. But be sure even if you don't post for a while your readers doesn't forget you.