Monday, March 23, 2009

Subscriber 238

This post is for whoever is subscriber number 238 in Google Reader. That would be the latest subscriber.

Thank you.

I was feeling a bit glum because my lackadaisical postings made my daily visitor numbers decidedly flat. And my Followers number recently slipped from 63 to 62. But despite this, someone--number 238--still decided that my ramblings were worth coming back and reading again.

I'm feeling humbled. (And, I acknowledge, rather silly.)


Tez Miller said...

I recently discovered that the blogs I'd been Following - well, they were all supposed to be sent to my GoogleReader, or at least that's what BlogSpot claimed.

Until I discovered that not all were coming through.

So I stopped Following people via BlogSpot, and returned to GoogleReader instead.

wend said...


I have no clue what subscriber number I am in GoogleReader ...

But, chin-up, though some of us do not comment as often as we'd like ... your blog is great. I love that you focus on debuts ...

New Talent is also a hard one to focus on as there a few comparable reviews initially. But, brilliant when you/we find a new favourite, must have author.

And, I'm sure I've bought a few first edition debuts in the past that will be a good investment too for this mini-collector, not just a great read!

Keep Smiling :o)

wend said...


I recently read that being read in GoogleReader does not affect the viewing figures on-site.

First, I love that the whole post is in Google Reader - but then feel bad as I don't always follow links to your blogsite to comment etc.

Just an added thought - this means your viewing figures do not accurately reflect the numbers reading your blog?

Is this correct?

I'm just a reader, not a blogger, so I don't understand all that side of it. But, I try to comment, time permitting, on anything that really grabs me.

Tia Nevitt said...

Tez, I use Google Reader rather than Blogger as well. I can organize them better if I subscribe, myself. With the few blogs I "follow", I have subscribed to them a second time through Reader.

Wend, this was mostly a silly post, but thank you for your input. Don't feel bad about being "hidden," because you're not. Reader lets the world know how many subscribers I have, and through that, I can guess at visits. I recently estimated my total visits per year to be over 100,000, when counting all my subscribers along with the actual visits, and while guessing at how much overlap there is.

Part of the reason that I post the entire post is because there is less overlap that way.

I'd rather have subscribers than occasional visitors, so by all means, don't feel bad!!

Mulluane said...

The whole subscriber thing is buggy anyway. Case in point on Dragons:

Friday 179
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 124 (HUGE drop)

Today, back to 174, no way in H E double hockey sticks did I lose or regain that many in a day.

Old bat? varied by no more than 2 during that 4 day period.

Who knows :P

Tia Nevitt said...

I think it updates in weekly batches.

wend said...

Thanks for explaining.